Kiel Working Papers, Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW)

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2019 Distortions in aid allocation of unnited nations flash appeals: Evidence from the 2015 Nepal earthquakeEichenauer, Vera Z.; Fuchs, Andreas; Kunze, Sven; Strobl, Eric
2019 Revisiting the euro's trade cost and welfare effectsFelbermayr, Gabriel; Steininger, Marina
2018 Employment protection and firm relocation: Theory and evidenceDewit, Gerda; Görg, Holger; Temouri, Yama
2018 Measuring Venezuelan emigration with TwitterHausmann, Ricardo; Hinz, Julian; Yildirim, Muhammed A.
2018 Promoting labour market integration of refugees with trade preferences: Beyond the EU-Jordan compactTemprano Arroyo, Heliodoro
2018 Sovereign defaults in courtSchuhmacher, Julian; Trebesch, Christoph; Enderlein, Henrik
2018 Large-scale farms and smallholders: Evidence from ZambiaLay, Jann; Nolte, Kerstin; Sipangule, Kacana
2018 Preferences for redistribution in the US, Italy, Norway: An experiment studyGrimalda, Gianluca; Farina, Francesco; Schmidt, Ulrich
2018 Foreign-law bonds: Can they reduce sovereign borrowing costs?Chamon, Marcos; Schumacher, Julian; Trebesch, Christoph
2018 Foreign currency bank funding and global factorsKrogstrup, Signe; Tille, Cédric
2018 Democracy and aid donorshipFuchs, Andreas; Müller, Angelika
2018 Resolving sovereign debt crises: The role of political riskTrebesch, Christoph
2018 Does the European Union achieve comprehensive blue growth? Progress of EU coastal states in the Baltic and North Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean against sustainable development Goal 14Rickels, Wilfried; Weigand, Christian; Grasse, Patricia; Schmidt, Jörn Oliver; Voss, Rüdiger
2018 Fiscal implications of the ECB's public sector purchase programme (PSPP)Lehment, Harmen
2018 ECB interventions in distressed sovereign debt markets: The case of Greek bondsTrebesch, Christoph; Zettelmeyer, Jeromin
2018 What induces firms to license foreign technologies? International survey evidenceDohse, Dirk; Goel, Rajeev K.; Nelson, Michael A.
2018 When does team remuneration work? An experimental study on interactions between workplace contextsBartke, Simon; Gelhaar, Felix
2018 Turning the global thermostat - who, when, and how much?Rickels, Wilfried; Quaas, Martin F.; Ricke, Kate; Quaas, Johannes; Moreno Cruz, Juan; Smulders, Sjak
2018 The nutrient-income elasticity in ultra-poor households: Evidence from KenyaJawara, Hamidou; Thiele, Rainer
2018 Schätzungen des verbleibenden CO2-Budgets täuschen über die Herausforderungen in der Klimapolitik hinwegRickels, Wilfried; Merk, Christine; Honneth, Johannes; Schwinger, Jörg; Quaas, Martin F.; Oschlies, Andreas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2132
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