Discussion Paper, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)

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2019 Migration: solid nations and liquid transnationalism? The EU's struggle to find a shared course on African migration 1999-2019Schöfberger, Irene
2019 The relevance of social policies for democracy: preventing autocratisation through synergies between SDG 10 and SDG 16Leininger, Julia; Lührmann, Anna; Sigman, Rachel
2019 The Treaty of Aachen: opportunities and challenges for Franco-German cooperation in development policy and beyondKrüger, Laura-Theresa; Vaillé, Julie
2019 The development policy system under pressure: acknowledging limitations, sourcing advantages and moving towards a broader perspectiveGonsior, Victoria; Klingebiel, Stephan
2019 Comparing global trends in multidimensional and income poverty and assessing horizontal inequalitiesBurchi, Francesco; Malerba, Daniele; Rippin, Nicole; Montenegro, Claudio E.
2019 The impact of information and communication technologies on jobs in Africa: a literature reviewMelia, Elvis
2019 South Africa’s changing role in global development structures: being in them but not always of themSidiropoulos, Elizabeth
2019 How to increase the uptake of development interventions? Considering the Theory of Planned BehaviourKaplan, Lennart; Kuhnt, Jana; Richert, Katharina; Vollmer, Sebastian
2019 Literature review: drivers of migration. Why do people leave their homes? Is there an easy answer? A structured overview of migratory determinantsKuhnt, Jana
2019 The influence of EU migration policy on regional free movement in the IGAD and ECOWAS regionsCastillejo, Clare
2019 Digitalisation in the lives of urban migrants: Evidence from BogotaMartin-Shields, Charles; Camacho, Sonia; Taborda, Rodrigo; Ruhe, Constantin
2019 Integrated policymaking: Choosing an institutional design for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Breuer, Anita; Leininger, Julia; Tosun, Jale
2019 Freshwater as a global commons: International governance and the role of GermanyHerrfahrdt-Pähle, Elke; Scheumann, Waltina; Houdret, Annabelle; Dombrowsky, Ines
2019 Erkenntnisse aus der wirkungsorientierten Begleitforschung: Potential und Grenzen der rigorosen Wirkungsanalyse von Governance-ProgrammenFunk, Evelyn; Groß, Lisa; Leininger, Julia; von Schiller, Armin
2018 River basin management and fiscal decentralisation: mutually supportive or counterproductive? A case study of MongoliaDombrowsky, Ines; Lkhagvadorj, Ariunaa; Schoderer, Mirja
2018 Monitoring and evaluation in South-South Cooperation: the case of CPEC in PakistanAli, Murad
2018 Creating wealth without labour? Emerging contours of a new techno-economic landscapeLütkenhorst, Wilfried
2018 Enabling factors for cooperation in the climate negotiations: a comparative analysis of Copenhagen 2009 and Paris 2015Högl, Maximilian
2018 Die Struktur der deutschen öffentlichen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit: Hintergründe, Trends und Implikationen für das BMZ und andere BundesressortsBohnet, Michael; Klingebiel, Stephan; Marschall, Paul
2018 Investing in the behavioural dimensions of transnational cooperation: a personal assessment of the Managing Global Governance (MGG) ProgrammeFues, Thomas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 362
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