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Neuhäusler, Peter
Frietsch, Rainer
Kroll, Henning
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Fraunhofer ISI Discussion Papers - Innovation Systems and Policy Analysis No. 60
In this paper, we describe the creation of an (updated) probabilistic concordance between industry sectors on the one hand and technology fields on the other. In an earlier publication (Neuhäusler et al., 2017) we have already provided an early version of this scheme, thereby focusing on the re-allocation of R&D expenditures by technology fields. Here, we apply an update to this earlier work by switching the focus to the re-allocation of patents to industry sectors and by building on a broader database. In addition to the updated concordance lists for patents, we will here further extend the focus by describing a concordance between scientific disciplines and technology fields. While patent/sector concordances based on different approaches are relatively common in the literature, this is one of the first attempts to re-allocate scientific publications by technology fields on a larger scale.
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Working Paper

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