IRENE Working Papers, Institute of Economic Research (IRENE), University of Neuchâtel

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Seductive subsidies? An analysis of second-degree moral hazard in the context of photovoltaic solar systemsReins, Evert
2021 International Co-movements of Inflation, 1851-1913Gerlach, Stefan; Stuart, Rebecca
2021 The effect of a carbon tax on per capita carbon dioxide emissions: evidence from FinlandElbaum, Jean-David
2021 Travel distance and travel time using Stata: New features and major improvements in georouteWeber, Sylvain; Péclat, Martin; Warren, August
2021 Energy efficiency and heating technology investments: Manipulating financial information in a discrete choice experimentLang, Ghislaine; Farsi, Mehdi; Lanz, Bruno; Weber, Sylvain
2020 Yes, the medium matters: How Facebook and Twitter boost populism in EuropeFortunato, Piergiuseppe; Pecoraro, Marco
2020 Service life of building elements: An empirical investigationVolland, Benjamin; Farsi, Mehdi; Lasvaux, Sébastien; Padey, Pierryves
2020 Measuring stock market integration during the Gold StandardStuart, Rebecca
2020 Travel mode choices in a greening market: the impact of electric vehicles and prior investmentsvan Dijk, Jeremy; Farsi, Mehdi; Weber, Sylvain
2020 A daily fever curve for the Swiss economyBurri, Marc; Kaufmann, Daniel
2020 Do sticky wages matter? New evidence from matched firm-survey and register dataFunk, Anne Kathrin; Kaufmann, Daniel
2020 Climate policy without a price signal: Evidence on the implicit carbon price of energy efficiency in buildingsLang, Ghislaine; Lanz, Bruno
2020 The chicken or the egg: Technology adoption and network infrastructure in the market for electric vehiclesDelacrétaz, Nathan; Lanz, Bruno; van Dijk, Jeremy
2020 Reciprocity and gift exchange in markets for credence goodsKandul, Serhiy; Lanz, Bruno; Reins, Evert
2020 Does government-backed lending prevent unemployment? An assessment of the Swiss COVID-19 lending programKaufmann, Daniel
2020 Heterogeneity in price elasticity of vehicle kilometers traveled: Evidence from micro-level panel dataTilov, Ivan; Weber, Sylvain
2020 Beyond political divides: Analyzing public opinion on carbon taxation in SwitzerlandOtt, Laurent; Farsi, Mehdi; Weber, Sylvain
2019 Asymmetric information on the market for energy efficiency: Insights from the credence goods literatureLanz, Bruno; Reins, Evert
2019 Shocking interest rate floorsCanetg, Fabio; Kaufmann, Daniel
2019 Adjusting to minimum wage regulation: Evidence from a direct-democracy experiment in SwitzerlandBerger, Marius; Lanz, Bruno
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 88