IRENE Working Papers, Institute of Economic Research (IRENE), University of Neuchâtel

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2018 Price elasticities of electricity demand in Switzerland: Results from a household panelVolland, Benjamin; Tilov, Ivan
2018 When social norms and self-image conflict: A public good experiment with social comparison feedbackKandul, Serhiy; Lanz, Bruno
2018 Travel distance, fuel efficiency, and vehicle weight: An estimation of the rebound effect using individual data in SwitzerlandWeber, Sylvain; Farsi, Mehdi
2018 The impact of CO2 taxation on Swiss households' heating demandOtt, Laurent; Weber, Sylvain
2018 Weather, Climate and Production RiskZhang, Hongliang; Antle, John M.
2018 Will future climate change increase global energy use?Zhang, Hongliang; Mu, Jianhong E.; McCarl, Bruce A.
2018 From average Joe to frugal Jane and wasteful John: A quantile regression analysis of Swiss households' electricity useTilov, Ivan; Volland, Benjamin
2018 Energy efficiency, information, and the acceptability of rent increases: A multiple price list experiment with tenantsLang, Ghislaine; Lanz, Bruno
2018 Après nous le déluge? Perceived distance of climate change impacts and pro-environmental behaviourVolland, Benjamin
2018 Consumers' preferences on the Swiss car market: A revealed preference approachWeber, Sylvain
2018 Adaptation to Climate Change via Adjustment in Land Leasing: Evidence from Dryland Wheat Farms in the U.S. Pacific NorthwestZhang, Hongliang; Mu, Jianhong E.; McCarl, Bruce A.
2017 Turn it up and open the window: On the rebound effects in residential heatingHediger, Cecile; Farsi, Mehdi; Weber, Sylvain
2017 Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS): Objectives, design, and implementationWeber, Sylvain; Burger, Paul; Farsi, Mehdi; Martinez-Cruz, Adan L.; Puntiroli, Michael; Schubert, Iljana; Volland, Benjamin
2017 The Share of Foreigners in One's Occupation and Attitudes towards ForeignersPecoraro, Marco; Ruedin, Didier
2017 I deserve more! An experimental analysis of illusory ownership in dictator gamesKandul, Serhiy; Nikolaychuk, Olexandr
2017 Global economic growth and agricultural land conversion under uncertain productivity improvements in agricultureLanz, Bruno; Dietz, Simon; Swanson, Tim
2017 Testing for Granger causality in panel dataLopez, Luciano; Weber, Sylvain
2017 Correcting Measurement Errors in Transition Models Based on Retrospective Panel DataYassin, Shaimaa; Langot, Francois
2017 If I do not ask for help, it does not mean I do not need it: Experimental analysis of recipients' procedural preferences for redistributionKandul, Serhiy; Nikolaychuk, Olexandr
2017 A simple command to calculate travel distance and travel timeWeber, Sylvain; Péclat, Martin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 62