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Berriet-Solliec, Marielle
Laidin, Catherine
Lépicier, Denis
Pham, Hai Vu
Pollermann, Kim
Raue, Petra
Schnaut, Gitta
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This report is the final deliverable of TRUSTEE task 3.3. It present the research protocol, the methodology used and most of results. LEADER is qualified as down-up approach combining EU policy framework and local strategy. The implementation is quite heterogeneous dependend on institutional factors and political choices at national level, structural characteristics and socio-political local factors. Our findings highlight the diversity of LEADER implementations in the three countries under study (France, Germany, Italy) and the influence of institutional factors. The design of the programs influence, for example, via the setting of funding conditions or demands on institutional settings at the local level, the extent to which local actors from different spheres get involved in local development via LEADER.
Rural development
EU policy
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Research Report
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