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2022Sustainable product innovation in agri-food industry: Do ownership structure and capital structure matter?Aibar-Guzmán, Beatriz; García-Sánchez, Isabel-María; Aibar-Guzmán, Cristina; Hussain, Nazim
2022The linkage between open innovation, absorptive capacity and managerial ties: A cross-country perspectiveNaqshbandi, M. Muzamil; Jasimuddin, Sajjad M.
2022Tracking unconscious response to visual stimuli to better understand a pattern of human behavior on a Facebook pageŠola, Hedda Martina; Mikac, Mirta; Rončević, Ivana
2022How do digital capabilities affect firm performance? The mediating role of technological capabilities in the "new normal"Heredia, Jorge; Castillo-Vergara, Mauricio; Geldes, Cristian; Gamarra, Felix M. Carbajal; Flores, Alejandro; Heredia, Walter
2022Mechanism and countermeasures of "The innovator's dilemma" in business modelWang, Chengbin; Fang, Yongyan; Zhang, Chuan
2022Do organizations really evolve? The critical link between organizational culture and organizational innovation toward organizational effectiveness: Pivotal role of organizational resistanceNaveed, Rana Tahir; Alhaidan, Homoud; Al Halbusi, Hussam; Al-Swidi, Abdullah Kaid
2022Comparison of potential CO2 reduction and marginal abatement costs across in the China and Korea manufacturing industriesJin, Yingmei; Chen, Bin
2022Digital transformation, labour share, and industrial heterogeneityChen, Nanxu; Sun, Dongqing; Chen, Jing
2022How to innovate continuously? Conceptualizing generative capabilityGuo, Jinyu; Cui, Lin; Sun, Li; Zou, Bo
2022Coworking spaces and makerspaces: Mapping the state of researchKraus, Sascha; Bouncken, Ricarda B.; Görmar, Lars; González-Serrano, Maria H.; Calabuig, Ferran
2022Green process innovation and financial performance: The role of green social capital and customers' tacit green needsXie, Xuemei; Hoang, Thu Thao; Zhu, Qiwei
2022Networking and knowledge creation: Social capital and collaborative innovation in responding to the COVID-19 crisisAl Omoush, Khaled Saleh; Ribeiro-Navarrete, Samuel; Lassala, Carlos; éSkare, Marinko
2022Do able managers take more risks?Cheng, Lingsha; Zhang, Yongmin
2022Uncovering complexity in the economic assessment of derogations from the European industrial emissions directiveRomero-Castro, Noelia; López-Cabarcos, M. Ángeles; Piñeiro Chousa, Juan Ramón
2022Role of innovation and architectural marketing capabilities in channelling entrepreneurship into performanceSantos Vijande, María Leticia; López Sánchez, José Ángel; Loredo, Enrique; Rudd, John M.; López-Mielgo, Nuria
2022Research on the effect of enterprise financial flexibility on sustainable innovationHao, Zezhong; Zhang, Xiuwu; Wei, Jiangying
2022Digital-only banking experience: Insights from gen Y and gen ZWindasari, Nila Armelia; Kusumawati, Nurrani; Larasati, Niken; Amelia, Revira Puspasuci
2022The incentive mechanism in knowledge alliance: Based on the input-output of knowledgeCheng, Qiang; Liu, Yiling; Chang, Yanru
2022Relationships among knowledge-oriented leadership, customer knowledge management, innovation quality and firm performance in SMEsPornthip Chaithanapat; Prattana Punnakitikashem; Nay Chi Khin Khin Oo; Sirisuhk Rakthin
2022Government R&D subsidies and firm innovation performance: The moderating role of accounting information qualityZuo, Zhigang; Lin, Zhibin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 172