Journal of Innovation & Knowledge (JIK), Elsevier

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2018 Reputation for technological innovation: Does it actually cohere with innovative activity?Höflinger, Patrick J.; Nagel, Christian Siegfried Anton; Sandner, Philipp
2018 Applying complexity theory: A primer for identifying and modeling firm anomaliesWoodside, Arch G.; Nagy, Gábor; Megehee, Carol M.
2018 Innovation for creating a smart futureLee, Sang M.; Trimi, Silvana
2018 Relationship between innovation capability, innovation type, and firm performanceRajapathirana, R.P. Jayani; Hui, Yan
2018 Linking social system failures: A short note on marriage and firm failureZanger, Ingmar; Padhi, Sidhartha S.; Wagner, Stephan M.
2018 Exploring market orientation, innovation, and financial performance in agricultural value chains in emerging economiesKhanh Le Phi Ho; Chau Ngoc Nguyen; Prasad Adhikari, Rajendra; Miles, Morgan P.; Bonney, Laurie
2018 The mediating role of the employee relations climate in the relationship between strategic HRM and organizational performance in Chinese banksAli, Muhammad; Lei, Shen; Wei, Xiao-Yong
2018 A replication of Bowman's paradox across 28 countriesPatel, Pankaj C.; Li, Mingxiang; Park, Haemin Dennis
2018 The Nobel Laureates' campaign supporting GMOsRoberts, Richard J.
2018 Kurt Lewin's change model: A critical review of the role of leadership and employee involvement in organizational changeHussain, Syed Talib; Lei, Shen; Akram, Tayyaba; Haider, Muhammad Jamal; Hussain, Syed Hadi; Ali, Muhammad
2018 Science, ideology and daily lifeVan Montagu, Marc
2018 Some reflections on poverty eradication, true development and sustainability within CSTSapena Bolufer, Juan; Almenar, Vicent; Apetrei, Andreea; Escrivá, María; Gil, María
2018 Revisiting the finance-innovation nexus: Evidence from a non-linear approachHook, Law Siong; Lee, Weng Chang; Singh, Nirvikar
2018 Potential of science to address the hunger issue: Ecology, biotechnology, cattle breeding and the large pantry of the seaTena Medialdea, José; Prieto Ruiz, Jesús A.; Fagoaga García, Carmen; Calvo Capilla, Antonio; Chirivella Martorell, Jerónimo; Bueso Rodenas, Joel
2018 The capabilities approach and values of sustainability: Towards an inclusive PedagogySanz Ponce, Roberto; Peris Cancio, José A.; Escámez Sánchez, Juan
2018 Organizational integration of the IT function: A key enabler of firm capabilities and performanceRicciardi, Francesca; Zardini, Alessandro; Rossignoli, Cecilia
2018 The effect of organizational structure on absorptive capacity in single and dual learning modesAli, Murad; Ali, Imran; Al-Maimani, Khalid A.; Park, Kichan
2018 Climate change, ethics and sustainability: An innovative approachSánchez García, José Luis; Díez Sanz, Juan María
2017 A bibliometric analysis of leading universities in innovation researchCancino, Christian A.; Merigó, José Maria; Coronado, Freddy C.
2017 Higher education in the fight against poverty from the capabilities approach: The case of SpainSanz, Roberto; Peris, José Alfredo; Escámez, Juan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56