International Journal of Business Science & Applied Management (IJBSAM)

ISSN: 1753-0296

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2017 In search of value drivers in mergers and acquisitions: The Nordic evidenceRose, Caspar; Sørheim, Daniel; Lerkerød, Magnus
2017 Innovation through coopetition: An analysis of small- and medium-sized trust companies operating in the Liechtenstein financial centreKraus, Sascha; Schmid, Jasmin; Gast, Johanna
2017 Supervisor's behavioral complexity: Ineffective in the call centerLeón, Federico R.; Burga-León, Andrés; Morales, Oswaldo
2017 Appraisal of CRM implementation as business strategy option in times of recession: The role of perceived value and benefitsAgapitou, Chrysa; Bersimis, Sotirios; Georgakellos, Dimitrios
2017 Investment determinants at the firm-level: The case of Portuguese industrial SMEsPacheco, Luís
2016 Can age make a difference? A moderated model of altruistic organizational citizenship behaviour antecedentsProfili, Silvia; Sammarra, Alessia; Innocenti, Laura
2016 Linking environmental sustainability and healthcare: The effects of an energy saving intervention in two hospitalsManika, Danae; Gregory-Smith, Diana; Wells, Victoria K.; Comerford, Lee; Aldrich-Smith, Lucy
2016 Extrinsic motivation index: A new tool for managing labor productivityBerumen, Sergio A.; Pérez-Megino, Luis P.; Arriaza Ibarra, Karen
2016 Editorial: Supply chain managementAidonis, Dimitrios; Folinas, Dimitrios
2016 Do freight transport time savings translate to benefit for transport consuming companies?Sambracos, Evangelos; Ramfou, Irene
2016 Sustainable wine supply chain and entrepreneurship: The exploitation of by-products in a waste management processMalindretos, George; Tsiboukas, Konstantinos; Argyropoulou-Konstantaki, Sofia
2016 Innovative agrifood supply chain network: Leading to traditional, "back to the future" foodsSakali, Paraskevi Christina; Skalkos, Dimitris
2016 Simulation and assessment of agricultural biomass supply chain systemsPavlou, D.; Orfanou, A.; Bochtis, D.; Tamvakidis, S.; Aidonis, D.
2016 Conceptual design of a telecommunications equipment container for humanitarian logisticsParisi, Stella; Achillas, Charisios; Aidonis, Dimitrios; Folinas, Dimitrios
2015 The effects of collaboration on logistical performance and transaction costsVieira, José Geraldo Vidal; Yoshizak, Hugo Tsugunobu Yoshida; Ho, Linda Lee
2015 Supply chain risk management enablers: A framework development through systematic review of the literature from 2000 to 2015Kilubi, Irène; Haasis, Hans-Dietrich
2015 Designing an AHP methodology to prioritize critical elements for product innovation: An intellectual capital perspectiveCosta, Ricardo Vergueiro; Ramos, Ana Paula
2015 Listed firm's level of stakeholder transparency: The comply or explain evidence from the Danish corporate governance codeRose, Caspar
2015 Interrelationships among facets of self, motivation, and conspicuous and sustainable consumption behaviourNguyen, Thuy; Ngamsiriudom, Waros; Pelton, Lou; Dubinsky, Alan J.
2015 Context specific complexity management: A recommendation model for optimal corporate complexitySchott, Peter; Horstmann, Felix; Bodendorf, Freimut
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 103