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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Vaccination recommendations and timeliness: The German measles caseKucher, Andreas
2019 DICE-RD: An implementation of rate-related damages in the DICE modelMichaelis, Peter; Wirths, Heiko
2018 Business cycle uncertainty and economic welfare revisitedHeiberger, Christopher; Maußner, Alfred
2017 Heritability of time preference: Evidence from German twin dataHübler, Philipp
2016 Ashes to ashes, time to time: Parental time discounting and its role in the intergenerational transmission of smokingHübler, Philipp; Kucher, Andreas
2016 Climate feedbacks in DICE-2013R: Modeling and empirical resultsWirths, Heiko; Rathmann, Joachim; Michaelis, Peter
2016 Meeting the challenges of the EU-2020 agenda: A future-oriented indicator analysis for the EU-countriesHanusch, Horst; Hara, Yasushi
2016 Public expenditures, innovation and economic growth: Empirical evidence from G20 countriesHanusch, Horst; Chakraborty, Lekha; Khurana, Swati
2016 Revolutionary developments in the world economyHanusch, Horst
2016 Variety of future-orientation: The case of G-19 countriesHanusch, Horst; Hara, Yasushi
2016 Preparing for the future: The OECD-countries in comparisonHanusch, Horst; Hara, Yasushi
2016 On the patterns of behaviour in digitalized societiesHanusch, Horst
2015 On dynamic standards for energy efficiency in differentiated duopolyMichaelis, Peter; Ziesemer, Thomas
2014 Reference-dependent effects of unemployment on mental well-beingGrunow, Martina
2014 Post reunification economic fluctuations in Germany: A real business cycle interpretationFlor, Michael A.
2013 Consumer's environmental awareness and the role of (green) entrepreneurship: Lessons from environmental quality competition and R&D activities for environmental policyKlarl, Torben
2013 Is spatial bootstrapping a panacea for valid inference?Klarl, Torben
2012 The impact of policy diffusion on optimal emission taxesMichaelis, Peter; Ziesemer, Thomas
2012 A note on the uniqueness of solutions to rational expectations modelsHeiberger, Christopher; Klarl, Torben; Maußner, Alfred
2012 System reduction and the accuracy of solutions of DSGE models: A noteHeiberger, Christopher; Klarl, Torben; Maußner, Alfred
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 175