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2022 Approaches of production planning and control under industry 4.0: A literature reviewHerrmann, Jan-Phillip; Tackenberg, Sven; Padoano, Elio; Gamber, Thilo
2022 Machine learning and deep learning based methods toward industry 4.0 predictive maintenance in induction motors: State of the art surveyDrakaki, Maria; Karnavas, Yannis L.; Tziafettas, Ioannis A.; Linardos, Vasilis; Tzionas, Panagiotis
2022 Optimization strategies for the integrated management of perishable supply chains: A literature reviewMirabelli, Giovanni; Solina, Vittorio
2022 Special Issue: Smart manufacturing for sustainability:trends and research challengesDi Pasquale, Valentina; Franciosi, Chiara; Iannone, Raffaele; Miranda, Salvatore
2022 Burnishing of AM materials to obtain high performance part surfacesSanguedolce, Michela; Rotella, Giovanna; Saffioti, Maria Rosaria; Filice, Luigino
2022 Additive manufacturing and supply chain configuration: Modelling and performance evaluationRinaldi, Marta; Caterino, Mario; Macchiaroli, Roberto
2022 Discrete event modelling for evaluation and optimisation of power utility energy demandMunsamy, Megashnee; Telukdarie, Arnesh
2021 An integrated location-inventory model for a spare part's supply chain considering facility disruption risk and CO2 emissionKarim, Rubayet; Nakade, Koichi
2021 Not so different altogether: Putting lean and sociotechnical design into practice in a process industryHekneby, Torbjørn; Benders, Jos; Ingvaldsen, Jonas A.
2021 How to evaluate supply chain risks, including sustainable aspects? A case study from the German industryMedina-Serrano, Rubén; González-Ramírez, Reyes; Gascó, José; Llopis, Juan
2021 Improved layout structure with complexity measures for the Manufacturer's pallet loading problem (MPLP) using a Block approachAljuhani, Deemah; Papageorgiou, Lazaros
2021 Organizational culture transformation model: Towards a high performance organizationIpinazar, Asier; Zarrabeitia, Enara; Rio Belver, Rosa Maria; Martinez-de-Alegría, Itziar
2021 Trends and applications of machine learning in water supply networks managementRobles-Velasco, Alicia; Muñuzuri, Jesús; Onieva, Luis; Rodríguez-Palero, María
2021 Mapping challenges in developing sustainable small and medium industries: Integrating lean and green principlesAmrina, Uly; Hidayatno, Akhmad; Zagloel, Teuku Yuri M
2021 Mathematical modeling to standardize times in assembly processes: Application to four case studiesColina, Eliezer; Peña, Mario; Morocho, Villie; Siguenza-Guzman, Lorena
2021 Relationship between social culture, industry 4.0, and organizational performance in the context of emerging economiesAguilar-Rodríguez, Iliana E.; Bernal-Torres, César A.; Aldana-Bernal, Juan C.; Acosta-Aguinaga, Andrés G.; Artieda-Cajilema, Carlos H.; Chalá, Priscila
2021 Lean practices adoption in the Portuguese industryMartins, Diogo; da Fonseca, Luis Miguel Ciravegna Martins; de Ávila, Paulo Muniz; Bastos, João
2021 Adaptations in SCOR based performance metrics of airline catering supply chain during COVID-19 pandemicRajaratnam, Dhaarsan; Sunmola, Funlade
2021 Developing a model for strategic agility in knowledge-based companies using a mixed methods approachSoltaninezhad, Asma; Sharifabadi, Ali Morovati; Ahmadabadi, Habib Zare; Chaghooshi, Ahmad Jafarnejad
2021 Implementing total productive maintenance in a manufacturing small or medium-sized enterpriseZhang Tian Xiang; Chin, Jeng Feng
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 641