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2018 Multi-objective optimization and scenario-based robustness analysis of the MoneyMaker Hip PumpMcComb, Christopher; Johnson, Nathan G.; Santaeufemia, Pablo S.; Gorman, Brandon T.; Kolste, Brent; Mobley, Alexander; Shimada, Kenji
2018 Estimating the price (in)elasticity of off-grid electricity demandMüller, Marc F.; Thompson, Sally E.; Gadgil, Ashok J.
2018 Assessing the productivity and profitability of the Solar Market GardenBurney, Jennifer; Phillips, Sandra; Lahl, Jeff
2018 Sustainability of novel water treatment technologies in developing countries: Lessons learned from research trials on a pilot continuous flow solar water disinfection system in rural KenyaMac Mahon, Joanne; Gill, Laurence W.
2018 Computer security for data collection technologiesCobb, Camille; Sudar, Samuel; Reiter, Nicholas; Anderson, Richard; Roesner, Franziska; Kohno, Tadayoshi
2018 Do financial diaries affect financial outcomes? Evidence from a randomized experiment in UgandaSmits, Joeri; Günther, Isabel
2018 Utilizing publicly available satellite data for urban research: Mapping built-up land cover and land use in Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamGoldblatt, Ran; Deininger, Klaus W.; Hanson, Gordon H.
2017 Cost effectiveness of medical devices to diagnose pre-eclampsia in low-resource settingsMcLaren, Zoë; Sharp, Alana; Hessburg, John P.; Sarvestani, Amir Sabet; Parker, Ethan; Akazili, James; Johnson, Timothy R. B.; Sienko, Kathleen H.
2017 Comparative performance of five Mexican plancha-type cookstoves using water boiling testsMedina, Paulo; Berrueta, V.; Martínez, M.; Ruiz, V.; Edwards, R. D.; Masera, O.
2017 Adoption of energy-efficient televisions for expanded off-grid electricity servicePark, Won Young; Phadke, Amol A.
2017 On LPG usage in rural Vietnamese householdsVahlne, Niklas
2017 Feasibility study of an electrodialysis system for in-home water desalination in urban IndiaNayar, Kishor G.; Sundararaman, Prithiviraj; O'Connor, Catherine L.; Schacherl, Jeffrey D.; Heath, Michael L.; Orozco Gabriel, Mario; Shah, Sahil R.; Wright, Natasha C.; Winter, Amos G.
2017 Balancing technical and user objectives in the redesign of a peruvian cookstoveThacker, Kendall S.; Barger, K. McCall; Mattson, Christopher A.
2017 How accurate is our misinformation? A randomized comparison of four survey interview methods to measure risk behavior among young adults in the Dominican RepublicVivo, Sigrid; McCoy, Sandra I.; López-Peña, Paula; Muñoz, Rodrigo; Larrieu, Monica I.; Celhay, Pablo
2017 Natural gas to improve energy security in Small Island Developing States: A techno-economic analysisRaghoo, Pravesh; Surroop, Dinesh; Wolf, Franziska
2017 Insulated Solar Electric Cooking: Tomorrow's healthy affordable stoves?Watkins, T.; Arroyo, P.; Perry, R.; Wang, R.; Arriaga, O.; Fleming, M.; O'Day, Christopher; Stone, I.; Sekerak, J.; Mast, D.; Hayes, N.; Keller, P.; Schwartz, P.
2017 Piloting the use of accelerometry devices to capture energy expenditure in agricultural and rural livelihoods: Protocols and findings from northern GhanaZanello, Giacomo; Srinivasan, C. S.; Nkegbe, Paul Kwame
2017 Experimenting with concepts from modular product design and multi-objective optimization to benefit people living in povertyWasley, Nicholas S.; Lewis, Patrick K.; Mattson, Christopher A.; Ottosson, Hans J.
2017 Limestone calcined clay cement as a low-carbon solution to meet expanding cement demand in emerging economiesCancio Díaz, Yudiesky; Sánchez Berriel, Sofia; Heierli, Urs; Favier, Aurélie R.; Sánchez Machado, Inocencio R.; Scrivener, Karen L.; Martirena Hernández, José Fernando; Habert, Guillaume
2017 Rapid prototyping a school-based health program in the developing worldLevine, David I.; Riggs, William; Steffen, Kelsey
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