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2021 A glimpse into real-world kitchens: Improving our understanding of cookstove usage through in-field photo-observations and improved cooking event detection (CookED) analyticsCoffey, Evan R.; Mesenbring, Elise C.; Dalaba, Maxwell Ayindenaba; Agao, Desmond; Alirigia, Rex; Begay, Taylor; Moro, Ali; Oduro, Abraham; Brown, Zachary; Dickinson, Katherine L.; Hannigan, Michael P.
2021 The last mile in school access: Mapping education deserts in developing countriesRodriguez-Segura, Daniel; Kim, Brian Heseung
2021 Design of remote data collection devices for social impact indicators of products in developing countriesStringham, Bryan J.; Mattson, Christopher A.
2021 Product representations in conjoint analysis in an LMIC setting: Comparing attribute valuation when three-dimensional physical prototypes are shown versus two-dimensional renderingsCoulentianos, Marianna J.; Arezoomand, Mojtaba; Chou, Suzanne; Austin-Breneman, Jesse; Adhvaryu, Achyuta; Nambunmee, Kowit; Neitzel, Richard; Sienko, Kathleen H.
2021 Nitrile cup seal robustness in the India Mark II/III hand pump systemOttosson, Hans J.; Mattson, Christopher A.; Johnson, Oliver K.; Naylor, Thomas A.
2021 Factors leading to sustainable social impact on the affected communities of engineering service learning projectsArmstrong, Andrew G.; Mattson, Christopher A.; Lewis, Randy S.
2021 Building the supply of demand: Experiments in mini-grid demand stimulationLukuyu, June; Fetter, Rob; Krishnapriya, P. P.; Williams, Nathan; Taneja, Jay
2021 Extended exergy sustainability analysis comparing environmental impacts of disposal methods for waste plastic roof tiles in UgandaBalcom, Paige; Cabrera, Juliana Mora; Carey, Van P.
2021 Tracking economic activity in response to the COVID-19 crisis using nighttime lights: The case of MoroccoRoberts, Mark
2021 A techno-economic and environmental assessment of residential rooftop solar-Battery systems in grid-connected households in Lagos, NigeriaUdeani, Chukwudi; Jaramillo, Paulina; Williams, Nathaniel J.
2021 Modified strip tillage blades for two-wheel tractor seed drills improves maize crop establishment under conservation agricultureHoque, Muhammad Arshadul; Gathala, Mahesh K.; Hossain, Md Mosharraf; Ziauddin, A. T. M.; Krupnik, Timothy J.
2021 The future of development engineering: Our vision for the next generation of publications in DevEngAmrose, Susan; Bilton, Amy M.; Kramer, Berber
2020 Practical design considerations for secondary air injection in wood-burning cookstoves: An experimental studyCaubel, Julien J.; Rapp, Vi H.; Chen, Sharon S.; Gadgil, Ashok J.
2020 Developing intermediate machines for high-land agricultureFranco, Walter; Barbera, Filippo; Bartolucci, Luigi; Felizia, Tiziano; Focanti, Federica
2020 Techno-economic comparison of the FUEL sensor and Kitchen Performance Test to quantify household fuel consumption with multiple cookstoves and fuelsVentrella, Jennifer; Lefebvre, Olivier; MacCarty, Nordica
2020 Toilet alarms: A novel application of latrine sensors and machine learning for optimizing sanitation services in informal settlementsTurman-Bryant, Nick; Sharpe, Taylor; Nagel, Corey; Stover, Lauren; Thomas, Evan A.
2020 Efficient and participatory design of scale-appropriate agricultural machinery workshops in developing countries: A case study in BangladeshGregg, Ellerbe Somers; Colton, Jonathan; Matin, Md Abdul; Krupnik, Timothy J.
2020 Using sensors to measure technology adoption in the social sciencesRom, Adina; G√ľnther, Isabel; Borofsky, Yael
2020 Global health front-end medical device design: The use of prototypes to engage stakeholdersCoulentianos, Marianna J.; Rodriguez-Calero, Ilka; Daly, Shanna R.; Sienko, Kathleen H.
2020 Data classification for secure mobile health data collection systemsKatarahweire, Marriette; Bainomugisha, Engineer; Mughal, Khalid A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 66