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2022COVID-19 and (gender) inequality in income: The impact of discretionary policy measures in AustriaChristl, Michael; De Poli, Silvia; Kucsera, Dénes; Lorenz, Hanno
2022Restricting the construction of second homes in tourist destinations: An effective intervention towards sustainability?Stricker, Luzius
2022The effects of COVID-19 vaccines on economic activityDeb, Pragyan; Furceri, Davide; Jiménez, Daniel; Kothari, Siddharth; Ostry, Jonathan David; Tawk, Nour
2022Examining the vintage effect in hedonic pricing using spatially varying coefficients models: A case study of single-family houses in the Canton of ZurichDambon, Jakob A.; Fahrländer, Stefan Sebastian; Karlen, Saira; Lehner, Manuel; Schlesinger, Jaron; Sigrist, Fabio Roman Albert; Zimmermann, Anna
2022Sample selection bias with multiple dependent selection rules: An application to survey data analysis with multilevel nonresponseRezaee, Alireza; Ganjali, Mojtaba; Samani, Ehsan Bahrami
2022The association between pharmaceutical innovation and both premature mortality and hospital utilization in Switzerland, 1996-2019Lichtenberg, Frank R.
2022Do COVID-19 containment measures work? Evidence from SwitzerlandPleninger, Regina; Streicher, Sina; Sturm, Jan-Egbert
2022Firm bankruptcies and start-up activity in Switzerland during the COVID-19 crisisEckert, Florian; Mikosch, Heiner
2022Money and inflation in SwitzerlandKugler, Peter; Reynard, Samuel
2021Saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic: The benefits of the first Swiss lockdownGatti, Nicolò; Retali, Beatrice
2021The green potential of occupations in SwitzerlandLobsiger, Michael; Rutzer, Christian
2021Firms' participation in the Swiss COVID-19 loan programmeFuhrer, Lucas Marc; Ramelet, Marc-Antoine; Tenhofen, Jörn
2021A neoclassical perspective on Switzerland's 1990s stagnationStucki, Yannic; Thomet, Jacqueline
2021Passing along an increase in ad costsVarian, Hal R.
2021Exploring BIS credit-to-GDP gap critiques: The Swiss caseJokipii, Terhi; Nyffeler, Reto; Riederer, Stéphane
2021Regulated free banking in Switzerland (1881-1907)Herger, Nils
2021The future of Swiss hydropower: How to distribute the risk and the profits?Kosch, Mirjam; Betz, Regina Annette; Geissmann, Thomas; Schillinger, Moritz; Weigt, Hannes
2021Back to work: The effect of a long-term career interruption on subsequent wages in SwitzerlandSpeiser, Amélie
2021Strategic deviations in optimal monetary policyCanetg, Fabio
2021"Too shocked to search" the COVID-19 shutdowns' impact on the search for apprenticeshipsGoller, Daniel; Wolter, Stefan C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 297