Dresden Discussion Paper Series in Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics, Technische Universität Dresden

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Fiscal federalism and foreign transfers: does inter-jurisdictional competition increase foreign aid effectiveness?Lessmann, Christian; Markwardt, Gunther
2010 A simple model of health insurance competitionKemnitz, Alexander
2010 International trade and the role of market transparencyBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard; Wong, Kit Pong
2010 Estimating gravity equations with endogeneous trade costsRudolph, Stephan
2010 The firm under uncertainty: capital structure and background riskBroll, Udo; Wong, Keith K.P.
2010 Tariffs and imports mis-invoicing under oligopolyBiswas, Amit K.; Sengupta, Sarbajit
2010 Grenzen der Spezialisierung grenzüberschreitender Gesundheitsversorgung im Rahmen des Heckscher-Ohlin ModellsLukas, Daniel; Werblow, Andreas
2009 Efficiency effects of cross-border medical demandLukas, Daniel
2009 Regional age structure and economic growth: an econometric study for German regionsBrunow, Stephan; Hirte, Georg
2009 Mitigation of foreign Direct investment risk and hedgingWahl, Jack E.; Broll, Udo
2009 Güterwirtschaftliches Risikomanagement: Ein Entscheidungsmodell zur Lagerpolitik bei UnsicherheitWahl, Jack E.; Broll, Udo
2009 Liquidity constrained exporters: Trade and futures hedgingBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
2009 Strategic pricing of financial optionsBieta, Volker; Broll, Udo; Milde, Hellmuth; Siebel, Wilfried
2009 How does the household structure shape the urban economy?Tscharaktschiew, Stefan; Hirte, Georg
2009 An urban general equilibrium model with multiple household structures and travel mode choiceTscharaktschiew, Stefan; Hirte, Georg
2009 Die Wachstumsspirale in der Krise ; Ansätze zu einem nachhaltigen WachstumBinswanger, Hans Christoph
2009 The gravity equation with micro-founded trade costsRudolph, Stephan
2009 Import tariff led export under-invoicing: a paradoxBiswas, Amit K.
2009 Prospect theory and two moment model: the firm under price uncertaintyBroll, Udo; Egozcue, Martín; Wong, Wing-Keung
2009 Modelling information and hedging: the exporting firmBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 162
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