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2021 Corporate FinanceGherghina, Ştefan Cristian
2021 Tourism, smart specialization and sustainable developmentRomão, João
2021 Quantitative methods for economics and financeTrinidad Segovia, Juan Evangelista; Sánchez-Granero, Miguel Ángel
2021 Complexity in economic and social systemsDrożdż, Stanisław; Kwapień, Jarosław; Oświęcimka, Paweł
2021 Quantitative methods in economics and financeKliestik, Tomas; Valaskova, Katarina; Kovacova, Maria
2021 Marketing strategies of the horticultural production chainPalma, Marco A.
2021 Financial statistics and data analyticsLiu, Shuangzhe; Sathye, Milind
2020 Market design for a high-renewables electricity systemStrielkowski, Wadim
2020 Circular economy, ethical funds, and engineering projectsTsagarakis, Konstantinos P.; Nikolaou, Ioannis; Konstantakopoulou, Foteini
2020 Business, open innovation and artSong, BeiBei; Formica, Piero; Springborg, Claus
2020 Applications of stochastic optimal control to economics and financeFederico, Salvatore; Ferrari, Giorgio; Regis, Luca
2020 Advances in credit risk modeling and managementVrins, Frédéric
2020 AI and financial marketsHamori, Shigeyuki; Takiguchi, Tetsuya
2020 Challenges and opportunities for the renewable energy economyReboredo, Juan Carlos
2020 Trends in emerging markets finance, institutions and moneyNguyen, Duc Khuong; Goutte, Stéphane
2020 Bayesian econometricsBernardi, Mauro; Grassi, Stefano; Ravazzolo, Francesco
2020 Behavioral game theoryGolman, Russell
2020 Widening international entrepreneurship researchRipollés Meliá, María; Blesa, Andreu
2020 Sustainable value management - New concepts and contemporary trendsZarzecki, Dariusz; Jabłoński, Marek
2020 Entrepreneurial finance at the dawn of industry 4.0Quan Hoang Vuong
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 71
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