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Anderson, Kym
Nelgen, Signe
Pinilla Navarro, Vicente
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University of Adelaide Press, Adelaide
Until recently, most grape-based wine was consumed close to where it was produced, and mostly that was in Europe. Now more than two-fifths of all wine consumed globally is produced in another country, including in the Southern Hemisphere, the USA and Asia. This latest edition of global wine statistics not only updates data to 2016 but also adds another century of data. The motivation to assemble those historical data was to enable comparisons between the current and the previous globalization waves. This unique database reveals that, even though Europe's vineyards were devastated by vine diseases and the pest phylloxera from the 1860s, most "New World" countries remained net importers of wine until late in the nineteenth century. Some of the world's leading wine economists and historians have contributed to and drawn on this database to examine the development of national wine market developments before, during and in between the two waves of globalization. Their initial analyses cover all key wine-producing and -consuming countries using a common methodology to explain long-term trends and cycles in national wine production, consumption, and trade.
global wine markets
statistical compendium
kym anderson
signe nelgen
vicente pinilla
wine and wine making
wine industry
economic aspects
new world wine
global wine trade
australian market
south american market
american market
asian market
european market
global wine statistics
import tax
domestic sales
overseas sales
per capita expenditure
national markets
wine brand
wine brands
unit value of wine production
wine consumption
non-premium wine
commercial-premium wine
super-premium wine
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