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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Does More Energy Consumption Support Economic Growth in Net Energy-Importing Countries?Esen, Ömer; Bayrak, Metin
2017The Use of the Recognition Heuristic as an Investment Strategy in European StockmarketsLobão, Júlio; Pacheco, Luís; Pereira, Carlos
2017A behavioral analysis of the volatility of interbank interest rates in developed and emerging countriesRossetti, Nara; Nagano, Marcelo Seido; Faria Meirelles, Jorge Luis
2017Efectos De La Realización De Un Megaevento Deportivo Sobre Una Economía Local. El Caso De Los Juegos Mundiales 2013 CaliAguado, Luis F.; Osorio Mejía, Ana M.; Arbona, Alexei; Peña-Vinces, Jesús C.
2017The Financial Services Industry and Society The Role of Incentives/Punishments, Moral Hazard, and Conflicts of Interests in the 2008 Financial CrisisMurray, Noel M.; Manrai, Ajay K.; Manrai, Lalita A.
2017Using a naive Bayesian classifier methodology for loan risk assessment: Evidence from a Tunisian commercial bankKrichene, Aida
2017The Valuation Performance of Mathematically-Optimised, Equity-Based Composite MultiplesNel, Soon; Le Roux, Niël Johannes
2017The Role of Liquidity in Asset Pricing: The Special Case of the Portuguese Stock MarketDel Mar Miralles Quirós, María; Miralles Quirós, José Luis; Oliveira, Célia
2017Capital structure management differences in Latin American and US firms after 2008 crisisValcacer Rodrigues, Santiago; José de Moura, Heber; Lopes Santos, David Ferreira; Amorim Sobreiro, Vinicius
2017Liderazgo Orientado a La Gente En Call CentersLeón, Federico R.; Morales, Oswaldo; Ramos, Juan D.; Goyenechea, Álvaro; Rojas, Paul A.; Meza, José; Burga-León, Andrés