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Braun, Anja T.
Kleine-Möllhoff, Peter
Reichenberger, Volker
Seiter, Stephan
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Reutlinger Diskussionsbeiträge zu Marketing & Management 2018-3
In order to decouple economic growth from global material consumption it is necessary to implement material efficiency strategies at the level of single enterprises and their supply chains, and to implement circular economy aspects. Manufacturing firms face multiple implementation challenges like cost limitations, competition, innovation and stakeholder pressure, and supplier and customer relationships, among others. An extended evaluation of triggers and barriers to improve material efficiency in manufacturing companies, along the sup-ply chain and concerning circular economy considerations is provided. This paper delivers an extended literature review, a critical discussion of the current situation and resulting challenges concerning material efficiency approaches in manufacturing supply chains. Finally, a conclusion and outlook on further research direction is given.
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Working Paper

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