Technical Reports, SFB 475: Komplexitätsreduktion in multivariaten Datenstrukturen, TU Dortmund

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Is double trouble? How to combine cointegration testsBayer, Christian; Hanck, Christoph
2008 Bipower-type estimation in a noisy diffusion settingPodolskij, Mark; Vetter, Mathias
2007 Evaluating continuous training programs using the generalized propensity score1Kluve, Jochen; Schneider, Hilmar; Uhlendorff, Arne; Zhao, Zhong
2007 Constructing a regular histogram : a comparison of methodsDavies, P. Laurie; Gather, Ursula; Nordman, Daniel; Weinert, Henrike
2007 Optimal designs for estimating the interesting part of a dose-effect curveMiller, Frank; Dette, Holger; Guilbaud, Olivier
2007 Microstructure noise in the continuous case: the pre-averaging approachJacod, Jean; Li, Yingying; Mykland, Per A.; Podolskij, Mark; Vetter, Mathias
2007 Robust online signal extraction from multivariate time seriesLanius, Vivian; Gather, Ursula
2007 Deriving a statistical model for the prediction of spiralling in BTA deep-hole-drilling from a physical modelWeihs, Claus; Raabe, Nils; Webber, Oliver
2007 Minimization of Boolean expressions using matrix algebraSchwender, Holger
2007 Testing equality of spectral densitiesDette, Holger; Paroditis, Efstathios
2007 A measure of mutual complete dependenceSiburg, Karl Friedrich; Stoimenov, Pavel A.
2007 A scalar product for copulasSiburg, Karl Friedrich; Stoimenov, Pavel A.
2007 Shape constrained estimators in inverse regression models with convolution-type operatorBirke, Melanie; Bissantz, Nicolai
2007 Gluing copulasSiburg, Karl Friedrich; Stoimenov, Pavel A.
2007 Robust online scale estimation in time series : regression-free approachGelper, Sarah; Schettlinger, Karen; Croux, Christophe; Gather, Ursula
2007 A test for the parametric form of the variance function in apartial linear regression modelDette, Holger; Marchlewski, Mareen
2007 Robust designs for 3D shape analysis with spherical harmonic descriptorsDette, Holger; Wiens, Douglas P.
2007 A note on the choice of the number of slices in sliced inverse regressionBecker, Claudia; Gather, Ursula
2007 Statistical inference for inverse problemsBissantz, Nicolai; Holzmann, Hajo
2007 Non-crossing nonparametric estimates of quantile curvesDette, Holger; Volgushev, Stanislav
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 595
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