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de Moura, Adriana Maria Magalhães
da Silva, Ana Paula Moreira
Viana, João Paulo
de Santana, Juliana Ferreira
Roma, Júlio César
Saccaro Júnior, Nilo Luiz
Sambuichi, Regina Helena Rosa
Diabate, Reycha Sabana
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Texto para Discussão 2354
Abstract (Translated): 
The growing concern of the countries to promote environmental protection has motivated the production of accurate data to support the decision-making on public policies related to the theme. In this sense, Ipea aims to contribute to the estimation of public spending on the environment by the Federal Government. This paper analyzes and compares methods adopted in Brazil and by international organizations, with the objective of identifying the best approach to determine the environmental expenditures by the country.
environmental expenditures
environmental statistics
public budget
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Working Paper

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