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Conforti, Alessio
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EIF Working Paper 2010/04
This research investigates market parameters describing the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry in the EU-27. Building on the review of relevant economic literature and recent surveys, the study identifies a number of meaningful indicators and proposes a model based on three clusters (social, economic, and industrial) not adequately considered in previous analysis. The model considers general governance indicators such as accountability and regulatory quality as well as economic and industrial ones like the level of Private Equity investments, inflation, and market capitalization of listed companies. The research then evaluates the position of the EU-27 economies vis-à-vis the selected indicators to observe the historical performance of countries and its relation with the EU average. The study also reviews the limits of the approach and suggests prospects for improvement through additional inferential analysis and through the creation of a Private Equity Market Index (PEMI). The results are consistent with previous findings of the European Venture Capital Association and confirm the possibility of having a composite benchmark against which to measure Private Equity activity in individual countries.
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Working Paper

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