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2015Complex adaptive systems approach to sewol ferry disaster in Korea
In: Band: 1, 2015, Heft: 22, S. 1-18
Won, DongKyu; Yoo, SunHee; Yoo, HyungSun; Lim, JongYeon
2015Study on CEO characteristics for management of public art performance centers
In: Band: 1, 2015, Heft: 5, S. 1-21
Kim, Joon-ho; Jung, Seung-hye
2015A 3-d advancement of PythoCrypt for any file type
In: Band: 1, 2015, Heft: 19, S. 1-17
Jois, Harsha S.; Bhaskar, N.; Prakash, M. N. Shesha
2015A study on the current status and strategies for improvement of web accessibility compliance of public institutions
In: Band: 1, 2015, Heft: 4, S. 1-17
Noh, Kyung-ran; Jeong, Eui-seob; You, Young-bok; Moon, Sun-joo; Kang, Mun-bok
2015Green governance and green clusters: regional & national policies for the climate change challenge of Central & Eastern Europe
In: Band: 1, 2015, Heft: 1, S. 1-17
Cooke, Philip
2015How do we conquer the growth limits of capitalism? Schumpeterian Dynamics of Open Innovation
In: Band: 1, 2015, Heft: 17, S. 1-20
Yun, JinHyo Joseph
2015Customer involvement through social media: the cases of some telecommunication firms
In: Band: 1, 2015, Heft: 10, S. 1-10
Della Corte, Valentina; Iavazzi, Alessandra; D'Andrea, Chiara
2015Open innovation of knowledge cities
In: Band: 1, 2015, Heft: 16, S. 1-20
Yun, JinHyo Joseph; Jeong, EuiSeob; Yang, JeongHo
2015Globalization of R&D and open innovation: linkages of foreign R&D centers in India
In: Band: 1, 2015, Heft: 7, S. 1-24
Patra, Swapan; Krishna, Venni
2015A study on policy literacy and public attitudes toward government innovation-focusing on Government 3.0 in South Korea
In: Band: 1, 2015, Heft: 23, S. 1-13
Park, EunHyung; Lee, Jea-wan