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2021 Effectiveness improvement in manufacturing industry; trilogy study and open innovation dynamicsTayal, Ashwani; Kalsi, Nirmal Singh; Gupta, Munish Kumar; Pimenov, Danil Yurievich; Sarikaya, Murat; Pruncu, Catalin I.
2021 The institutional change from e-government toward smarter city: Comparative analysis between royal borough of Greenwich, UK, and Seongdong-gu, South KoreaKim, Churin; Kim, Kyung-ah
2021 Activity-based costing (ABC) and its implication for open innovationQuesado, Patrícia Rodrigues; Silva, Rui
2021 A new path of sustainable development in traditional agricultural areas from the perspective of open innovation: A coupling and coordination study on the agricultural industry and the tourism industryQiu, Peilei; Zhou, Zhaoxing; Kim, Dong-Joo
2021 Energy-efficient products and competitiveness in the manufacturing sectorDi Foggia, Giacomo
2021 The entrepreneur motivation and financing sourcesEniola, Anthony Abiodun
2021 The impact of digital social responsibility on preference and purchase intentions: The implication for open innovationWilert Puriwat; Suchart Tripopsakul
2021 Testing the effectiveness of CSR dimensions for small business entrepreneursHadi, Nor; Udin, Udin
2021 Formation of an export-oriented agricultural economy and regional open innovationsShabanov, Victor L.; Vasilʹčenko, Marianna Ja.; Derunova, Elena A.; Potapov, Andrey P.
2021 Mapping the knowledge about the gender of company executivesRodríguez-Fernández, Mercedes; Sánchez-Teba, Eva M.; Herrera, Juan
2021 The impact of strategy, environment, and the management system on the foreign subsidiary: The implication for open innovationRodrigues, Margarida; Alves, Maria do Céu; Oliveira, Cidália; Vale, José; Silva, Rui
2021 Industry 4.0: A technological-oriented definition based on bibliometric analysis and literature reviewRupp, Mario; Schneckenburger, Max; Merkel, Markus; Börret, Rainer; Harrison, David K.
2021 Evolution of the business model: Arriving at open business model dynamicsRomero, María Camila; Lara, Paola; Villalobos, Jorge
2021 The response of Islamic financial service to the COVID-19 pandemic: The open social innovation of the financial systemRabbani, Mustafa Raza; Ali, Mahmood Asad Moh'd; Ur Rahiman, Habeeb; Atif, Mohd; Zulfikar, Zehra; Naseem, Yusra
2021 Women in top management: Performance of firms and open innovationTahir, Safdar Husain; Ullah, Muhammad Rizwan; Ahmad, Gulzar; Syed, Nausheen; Qadir, Alia
2021 Effects of emerging-economy firms' knowledge acquisition from an advanced international joint venture partner on their financial performance based on the open innovation perspectiveKim, Choo Yeon; Seo, Eun-Hwa; Booranabanyat, Canisha; Kim, Kwangsoo
2021 The relation among organizational culture, knowledge management, and innovation capability: Its implication for open innovationLong Lam; Nguyen Phuong; Nga Le; Khoa Tien Tran
2021 Retail transformation under the influence of digitalisation and technology development in the context of globalisationRamazanov, Ibragim Agaevich; Panasenko, Svetlana Viktorovna; Cheglov, Vyacheslav Petrovich; Krasil'nikova, Elena Anatol'evna; Nikishin, Alexander Fedorovich
2021 Exploring economic and technological determinants of FinTech startups' success and growth in the United Arab EmiratesZarrouk, Hajer; el Ghak, Teheni; Bakhouche, Abderazak
2021 Modeling a logistics hub using the digital footprint method: The implication for open innovation engineeringShmatko, Alexey; Barykin, Sergey; Sergeev, Sergey; Thirakulwanich, Anuphat
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 564