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Ngo Phuc Hanh
Đao Van Hùng
Nguyen Thac Hoat
Dao Thi Thu Trang
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[Journal:] International Journal of Quality Innovation [ISSN:] 2363-7021 [Volume:] 3 [Year:] 2017 [Issue:] 7 [Pages:] 1-13
Foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises are playing a key role in Vietnam's economy. By the end of 2016, there are more than 21,398 FDI projects in force, with the total registered capital of nearly 293 billion USD. One hundred six countries and territories have invested in 19 industries in 68 provinces and cities of Vietnam. These investments have added a large amount of capital to the economy, which has basically been used effectively, contributing to the economic growth of Vietnam. In this context, the study focuses on the analysis of statistical data from 1988 to 2016 on the sources of funds, the number of projects, the invested sectors, and countries invested in Vietnam; research also includes three main factors that affect the quality of FDI attraction in Vietnam, namely resources, infrastructure, and other support policies. In this study, the support policy factor is thought to have the greatest impact. In addition to the use of statistical techniques, quantitative research is also applied to three data analysis techniques, including descriptive statistics, scale reliability analysis, and regression analysis, to verify the hypothesis. Policy implications are also proposed in this study to improve the quality of FDI attraction in Vietnam in the coming years.
Foreign direct investment (FDI)
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