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Kaupp, Désirée
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EIKV-Schriftenreihe zum Wissens- und Wertemanagement 27
First of all, this paper focuses on different definitions and theories associated with corporate culture. As the term corporate culture is not clearly defined and definitions are rather vague, the most appropriate and proper definitions with respect to the research question will be presented in the first chapter. In addition, the first chapter also aims at identifying the correlation between value and corporate culture and lays the foundation for the second chapter. Within the second part, I will look at the concept of corporate culture from a different perspective. Where the first chapter concentrated on the term corporate culture itself and the correlation between value and corporate culture, the second chapter considers corporate culture as an intangible asset. Due to personal experiences and relevance, all theories and applications will have its clear focus on the Luxembourg market, a small country with skilled worker shortage and an information economy that depends largely on banking, financial, steel and industrial activities and where intangible assets play an important role. As Luxembourg is a country with many different nationalities, it is important to understand each nationality for itself in order to build up a successful corporate culture that is convenient for the entirety. Therefore, the third chapter mainly focuses on the different nationalities, its similarities with the Luxembourg culture and its distinctions. [...]
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Research Report
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