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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018Top-decision naking bodies of large businesses: Gender quota for supervisory boards is effective - development is almost at a standstill for executive boardsHolst, Elke; Wrohlich, Katharina
2018Financial sector: Proportion of women in top decision-making bodies is increasing more slowly than at the beginning of the decade - equal gender representation is still a long way offHolst, Elke; Wrohlich, Katharina
2019Gender quotas in a European comparison: Tough sanctions most effectiveArndt, Paula; Wrohlich, Katharina
2019Increasing Number of Women on Supervisory Boards of Major Companies in Germany: Executive Boards Still Dominated by MenHolst, Elke; Wrohlich, Katharina
2019Women on high-level boards of banks and insurance companies: Growth coming to a standstill on supervisory boardsHolst, Elke; Wrohlich, Katharina
2019A Stable and Social Europe: Fiscal Rules, a Stabilization Fund, Insolvency Rules, Gender Quota, Gender Pension Gaps, and Education. ReportsFratzscher, Marcel; Kriwoluzky, Alexander; Michelsen, Claus; Clemens, Marius; Bremus, Franziska; Kliatskova, Tatsiana; Wrohlich, Katharina; Hammerschmid, Anna; Rowold, Carla; Weinhardt, Felix
2020More women on supervisory boards: Increasing indications that the effect of the gender quota extends to executive boardsKirsch, Anja; Wrohlich, Katharina
2020Proportion of women on top-decision making bodies of large companies increasing, except on supervisory boards in the financial sectorKirsch, Anja; Wrohlich, Katharina
2020Boards of major German companies are gradually changingKirsch, Anja; Wrohlich, Katharina