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2018 Top-decision naking bodies of large businesses: Gender quota for supervisory boards is effective - development is almost at a standstill for executive boardsHolst, Elke; Wrohlich, Katharina
2018 Financial sector: Proportion of women in top decision-making bodies is increasing more slowly than at the beginning of the decade - equal gender representation is still a long way offHolst, Elke; Wrohlich, Katharina
2018 German right-wing party AfD finds more support in rural areas with aging populationsFranz, Christian; Fratzscher, Marcel; Kritikos, Alexander S.
2018 Construction sector: End of the boom at new buildingsGornig, Martin; Michelsen, Claus
2018 Inequality in Germany: Decrease in gap for gross hourly wages since 2014, but monthly and annual wages remain on plateauGrabka, Markus M.; Schröder, Carsten
2018 Company productivity increases with more knowledge-based capitalBelitz, Heike; Le Mouel, Marie; Schiersch, Alexander
2018 Eu roaming regulation: Theoretical model suggests a positive assessmentBaake, Pio; Wagner, Lilo
2018 The global economy and the euro area: Expansion continues but Is losing momentumFichtner, Ferdinand; Baldi, Guido; Dany-Knedlik, Geraldine; Engerer, Hella; Gebauer, Stefan; Rieth, Malte
2018 New government prolongs German economic upswingFichtner, Ferdinand; Baldi, Guido; Brenke, Karl; Breuer, Christian; Clemens, Marius; Dany-Knedlik, Geraldine; Engerer, Hella; Fratzscher, Marcel; Gebauer, Stefan; Junker, Simon; Michelsen, Claus; Rieth, Malte; Schlaak, Thore
2018 New government's policies give the thriving German economy an additional boostFichtner, Ferdinand; Brenke, Karl; Breuer, Christian; Clemens, Marius; Junker, Simon; Michelsen, Claus; Schlaak, Thore
2018 Household consumption and savings rate depend strongly on employment status, income, and ageBrenke, Karl; Pfannkuche, Jan
2018 German and euro area economies will benefit from a U.S. interest rate hike in the short termHanisch, Max
2018 Social services: A rapidly growing economic sectorBrenke, Karl; Schlaak, Thore; Ringwald, Leopold
2018 Upward and downward social mobility probabilities have converged for men and womenLegewie, Nicolas; Bohmann, Sandra
2018 Mandatory day care for preschool children would not be an effective solution in targeting particular childrenSchmitz, Sophia; Spieß, C. Katharina
2018 Risk aversion and other factors determine income redistribution preferencesGärtner, Manja; Mollerstrom, Johahna
2018 Income distribution in Germany: Real income on the rise since 1991 but more people with low incomesGrabka, Markus M.; Goebel, Jan
2018 A stabilization fund can make the Euro area more crisis-proofClemens, Marius; Klein, Mathias
2018 Affordable electricity supply via contracts for difference for renewable energyMay, Nils; Neuhoff, Karsten; Richstein, Jörn C.
2018 Natural gas supply: No need for another Baltic Sea pipelineNeumann, Anne; Göke, Leonard; Holz, Franziska; Kemfert, Claudia; von Hirschhausen, Christian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 34