ECIPE Policy Briefs, European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Globalization isn't in decline: It's changingVan der Marel, Erik
2020 Why might Libra be "Dead in the Womb"?Qiao, Yide
2020 Ambition on unstable foundations: The UK Trade Policy Readiness Assessment 2020Henig, David
2020 Open RAN: The technology, its politics and Europe's responseLee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2020 Work for others, not yourself: Globalization, protectionism and Europe's quest for strategic autonomyErixon, Fredrik
2019 Europe and South-East Asia: Shifting from diplomacy to unilateralismDeringer, Hanna; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk; Murty, Danny
2019 Preference utilisation and customs data: The missing pieces of the FTA puzzleJerzewska, Anna; Köhler, Nicolas
2019 The economic losses from ending the WTO moratorium on electronic transmissionsLee-Makiyama, Hosuk; Narayanan, Badri
2018 Deepening NAFTA and signing new trade agreements: A US trade strategy to boost the economy and reduce the trade deficitLavin, Frank; Deringer, Hanna; Erixon, Fredrik
2018 Online platforms, economic integration and Europe's rent-seeking society: Why online platforms deliver on what EU governments fail to achieveBauer, Matthias
2018 Europe and South-East Asia: An exercise in diplomatic patienceDeringer, Hanna; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2018 The Swiss cheese of trade policy: The case against product exclusions in trade agreementsErixon, Fredrik
2018 Impasse in the WTO dispute settlement body: Consequences and responsesMcDougall, Robert
2018 The EU-Japan EPA: Freer, fairer and more open trading system: Conference notePoidevin, Alice; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2018 What the 2018 (and 2020) elections mean for U.S. trade policyVanGrasstek, Craig
2018 5G and national security after Australia's telecom sector security reviewBotton, Nicolas; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2018 The geopolitics of online taxation in Asia-Pacific digitalisation, corporate tax base and the role of governmentsFerracane, Martina F.; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2018 Blockchain and trade: Not a fix for Brexit, but could revolutionise global value chains (if governments let it)Botton, Nicolas
2018 Assessing UK trade policy readinessHenig, David
2018 The UK's first international trade negotiation - agriculture at the WTOHenig, David
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 113