Working Papers, National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia

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2023Evaluating monetary policy effectiveness in North Macedonia: Evidence from a Bayesian FAVAR FrameworkPetrovska, Magdalena; Tonovska, Jasna; Nikolov, Miso; Sulejmani, Artan
2023Measuring the natural interest rate for the Macedonian economy: A multi-model approachMiteski, Mite; Petrovska, Magdalena; Sulejmani, Artan
2022A DSGE model with partial euroization: The case of the Macedonian economyCopaciu, Mihai; Madjoska, Joana; Mitesk, Mite
2022Households' euroization in the Republic of North Macedonia: Is it close to or far from the optimal levels?Jakimova, Tanja; Eliskovski, Milan; Baftijari, Artina Bedzeti
2021Minimum wage reform and firms' performance - Evidence from North MacedoniaJovanovic, Biljana; Naumovski, Nikola
2021Evaluation of mixed frequency approaches for tracking near-term economic developments in North MacedoniaRamadani, Gani; Petrovska, Magdalena; Bucevska, Vesna
2021Income-specific inflation rates and the effects of monetary policy: The case of North MacedoniaJovanovic, Biljana; Josimovski, Marko
2020Income and price elasticities of Macedonian export and import of goods - a panel approachStefanova, Dijana Janevska; Petrovska, Magdalena
2020Export and firms' performance in North Macedonia: self selection or learning by doing?Jovanovic, Biljana
2019Bank financing to SMEs in the Republic of North Macedonia: Evidence from survey dataJakimova, Tanja; Popovska-Kamnar, Neda
2019Disinflationary spillovers from the euro area into the countries of Southeastern EuropeRamadani, Gani; Pandiloski, Predrag
2018Productivity analysis by using firm-level data: The case of MacedoniaJovanovic, Biljana
2018Investigating credit transmission mechanism in the Republic of Macedonia: Evidence from Vector Error Correction ModelEliskovski, Milan
2018The risk-taking channel of monetary policy in Macedonia: Evidence from credit registry dataMiteski, Mite; Mitreska, Ana; Vaskov, Mihajlo
2018Disaggregating Okun's law: A case-study for MacedoniaAndonova, Danica Unevska; Petrovska, Magdalena
2018Central bank independence: The case of the National Bank of Republic of MacedoniaAngelovska-Bezhoska, Anita
2018The impact of the ECB's quantitative easing policy on capital flows in the CESEE regionAngelovska-Bezhoska, Anita; Mitreska, Ana; Bojcheva-Terzijan, Sultanija
2018The effect of household and enterprise credit on current account balance: Evidence from the Republic of North MacedoniaHani Selimi, Egzona; Eliskovski, Milan
2018Inflation decomposition model: Application to Macedonian inflationAndonova, Danica Unevska
2017Monetary policy communication: Evidence from Survey DataPopovska-Kamnar, Neda
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 63