Working Papers, National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia

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2021 Income-specific inflation rates and the effects of monetary policy: The case of North MacedoniaJovanovic, Biljana; Josimovski, Marko
2020 Export and firms' performance in North Macedonia: self selection or learning by doing?Jovanovic, Biljana
2020 Income and price elasticities of Macedonian export and import of goods - a panel approachStefanova, Dijana Janevska; Petrovska, Magdalena
2019 Bank financing to SMEs in the Republic of North Macedonia: Evidence from survey dataJakimova, Tanja; Popovska-Kamnar, Neda
2019 Disinflationary spillovers from the euro area into the countries of Southeastern EuropeRamadani, Gani; Pandiloski, Predrag
2018 Productivity analysis by using firm-level data: The case of MacedoniaJovanovic, Biljana
2018 The impact of the ECB's quantitative easing policy on capital flows in the CESEE regionAngelovska-Bezhoska, Anita; Mitreska, Ana; Bojcheva-Terzijan, Sultanija
2018 The risk-taking channel of monetary policy in Macedonia: Evidence from credit registry dataMiteski, Mite; Mitreska, Ana; Vaskov, Mihajlo
2018 Inflation decomposition model: Application to Macedonian inflationAndonova, Danica Unevska
2018 Disaggregating Okun's law: A case-study for MacedoniaAndonova, Danica Unevska; Petrovska, Magdalena
2018 Central bank independence: The case of the National Bank of Republic of MacedoniaAngelovska-Bezhoska, Anita
2018 Investigating credit transmission mechanism in the Republic of Macedonia: Evidence from Vector Error Correction ModelEliskovski, Milan
2018 The effect of household and enterprise credit on current account balance: Evidence from the Republic of North MacedoniaHani Selimi, Egzona; Eliskovski, Milan
2017 Monetary policy communication: Evidence from Survey DataPopovska-Kamnar, Neda
2017 Forecasting Macedonian Inflation: Evaluation of different models for short-term forecastingPetrovska, Magdalena; Ramadani, Gani; Naumovski, Nikola; Jovanovic, Biljana
2017 Firms’ responses to shocks by price, wage and employment in MacedoniaRamadani, Gani
2017 The Impact of Sectorial FDI on Economic Growth in Central, Eastern and Southeastern EuropeMiteski, Mite; Stefanova, Dijana Janevska
2017 Macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy in the European Union, with particular reference to transition countriesKabashi, Rilind
2017 Panel Estimation of the Impact of Foreign Banks Presence on Selected Banking Indicators in MacedoniaMitreska, Ana; Bojcheva-Terzijan, Sultanija
2017 The Optimal Level of Foreign Reserves in MacedoniaJovanovikj, Biljana; Andonova, Danica Unevska
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 57