Economics Working Paper Series, CER-ETH – Center of Economic Research at ETH Zurich

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Effectiveness of renewable energy subsidies in a CO2 intensive electricity systemPattakou, Aimilia; Vlahakis, Aryestis
2018 Economics of climate change: Introducing the Basic Climate Economic (BCE) modelBretschger, Lucas; Karydas, Christos
2017 Optimum Growth and Carbon Policies with Lags in the Climate SystemBretschger, Lucas; Karydas, Christos
2017 Higher Price, Lower Costs? Minimum Prices in the EU Emissions Trading SchemeAbrell, Jan; Rausch, Sebastian; Yonezawa, Hidemichi
2017 Technology Treaties and Climate ChangeGersbach, Hans; Riekhof, Marie-Catherine
2017 The Economic Cost of Carbon Abatement with Renewable Energy PoliciesAbrell, Jan; Kosch, Mirjam; Rausch, Sebastian
2017 Charging Drivers by the Pound: The Effects of the UK Vehicle Tax SystemCerruti, Davide; Alberini, Anna; Linn, Joshua
2017 Election Security and Economics: It's All About EveBasin, David; Gersbach, Hans; Mamageishvili, Akaki; Schmid, Lara; Tejada, Oriol
2017 A note on the different interpretation of the correlation parameters in the Bivariate Probit and the Recursive Bivariate ProbitFilippini, Massimo; Greene, William; Kumar, Nilkanth; Martinez-Cruz, Adan
2017 Narrowing the energy efficiency gap: The impact of educational programs, online support tools and energy-related investment literacyBlasch, Julia; Filippini, Massimo; Kumar, Nilkanth; Martinez-Cruz, Adan
2017 The Impact of Ambient Air Pollution on Hospital AdmissionsFilippini, Massimo; Masiero, Giuliano; Steinbach, Sandro
2017 The Effect of Culture on Energy Efficient Vehicle OwnershipFilippini, Massimo; Wekhof, Tobias
2017 As Bad as it Gets: How Climate Damage Functions Affect Growth and the Social Cost of CarbonBretschger, Lucas; Pattakou, Aimilia
2017 Green tax reform, endogenous innovation and the growth dividendKarydas, Christos; Zhang, Lin
2017 The role of energy and investment literacy for residential electricity demand and end-use efficiencyBlasch, Julia; Boogen, Annina Angelina; Filippini, Massimo; Kumar, Nilkanth
2017 Uncertainty Quantification and Global Sensitivity Analysis for Economic ModelsHarenberg, Daniel; Marelli, Stefano; Sudret, Bruno; Winschel, Viktor
2017 The inter-temporal dimension to knowledge spillovers: any non-environmental reason to support clean innovation?Karydas, Christos
2017 A Dynamic Model of Electoral Competition with Costly Policy ChangesGersbach, Hans; Muller, Philippe; Tejada, Oriol
2017 Semi-Flexible Majority Rules for Public Good ProvisionGersbach, Hans; Tejada, Oriol
2017 The efficiency consequences of heterogeneous behavioral responses to energy fiscal policiesHoude, Sébastien; Aldy, Joseph E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 308