Working Paper Series, Dipartimento di Economia e Finanza, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

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2022 Education, health and health-related behaviors: Evidence from higher education expansionBratti, Massimiliano; Cottini, Elena; Ghinetti, Paolo
2022 News and narratives: A cointegration analysis of Russian economic policy uncertaintyBoitani, Andrea; Dragomirescu-Gaina, Catalin
2021 Trade shocks, fertility, and marital behaviorGiuntella, Osea; Rotunno, Lorenzo; Stella, Luca
2021 The political effects of threats to the nation: Evidence from the Cuban Missile CrisisColussi, Tommaso
2021 Female genital cutting and the slave tradeCorno, Lucia; La Ferrara, Eliana; Voena, Alessandra
2021 Firms' margins of adjustment to wage growth: The case of Italian collective bargainingDevicienti, Francesco; Fanfani, Bernardo
2021 Rising starsBattistin, Erich; Ovid, Marco
2021 Public sector jobs: Working in the public sector in Europe and the USChecchi, Daniele; Fenizia, Alessandra; Lucifora, Claudio
2021 Getting closer or falling apart? Euro countries after the Euro crisisBordignon, Massimo; Gatti, Nicolò; Onorato, Massimiliano Gaetano
2021 Italy: Immigration and the evolution of populismPieroni, Luca; Roig, Melcior Rosselló; Salmasi, Luca
2021 Stress and incentives at workCottini, Elena; Ghinetti, Paolo; Iossa, Elisabetta; Sacco, Pierluigi
2021 High school choices by immigrant students in Italy: Evidence from administrative dataAktas, Koray; Argentin, Gianluca; Barbetta, Gian Paolo; Barbieri, Gianna; Colombo, Luca V. A.
2021 Does prescribing appropriateness reduce health expenditures? Main effects and unintended outcomesLucifora, Claudio; Russo, Antonio; Vigani, Daria
2021 Parental assortative mating and the intergenerational transmission of human capitalBingley, Paul; Cappellari, Lorenzo; Tatsiramos, Konstantinos
2021 Should you meet the parents? The impact of information on non-test score attributes on school choiceFacchetti, Elisa; Neri, Lorenzo; Ovidi, Marco
2021 Impatience and crime: Evidence from the NLSY97Basiglio, Stefania; Foresta, Alessandra; Turati, Gilberto
2021 Monetary and macroprudential policy: The multiplier effects of cooperationBassi, Federico; Boitani, Andrea
2021 Employer association in Italy: Trends and economic outcomesFanfani, Bernardo; Lucifora, Claudio; Vigani, Daria
2021 The impact of the ECB banking supervision announcements on the EU stock marketBaglioni, Angelo; Monticini, Andrea; Peel, David
2020 Nonlinearities and expenditure multipliers in the EurozoneBoitani, Andrea; Perdichizzi, Salvatore; Punzo, Chiara
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 115