Working Paper Series, Dipartimento di Economia e Finanza, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Nonlinearities and expenditure multipliers in the EurozoneBoitani, Andrea; Perdichizzi, Salvatore; Punzo, Chiara
2020 Stop invasion! The electoral tipping point in anti-immigrant votingBordignon, Massimo; Gamalerio, Matteo; Slerca, Edoardo; Turati, Gilberto
2020 The effect of retirement on social relationships: New evidence from SHAREComi, Simona Lorena; Cottini, Elena; Lucifora, Claudio
2020 Turning a blind eye? Compliance to minimum wages and employmentGarnero, Andrea; Lucifora, Claudio
2020 Losing control? Unions' representativeness, "pirate" collective agreements and wagesLucifora, Claudio; Vigani, Daria
2019 Let's tweet again? The impact of social networks on literature achievement in high school students : Evidence from a randomized controlled trialBarbetta, Gian Paolo; Canino, Paolo; Cima, Stefano
2019 Higher education supply, neighbourhood effects and economic welfareCottini, Elena; Ghinetti, Paolo; Moriconi, Simone
2019 Vaccination take-up and health: Evidence from a flu vaccination program for the elderlyBrilli, Ylenia; Lucifora, Claudio; Russo, Antonio; Tonello, Marco
2019 The redistributive effects of a money-financed fiscal stimulusPunzo, Chiara; Rossi, Lorenza
2019 Cultural transmission with incomplete information: Parental perceived efficacy and group misrepresentationDella Lena, Sebastiano; Panebianco, Fabrizio
2019 Minority salience and political extremismColussi, Tommaso; Isphording, Ingo Eduard; Pestel, Nico
2019 Debt restructuring with multiple bank relationshipsBaglioni, Angelo; Colombo, Luca; Rossi, Paola
2019 Does fiscal decentralization affect regional disparities in health? Quasi-experimental evidence from ItalyDi Novi, Cinzia; Piacenza, Massimiliano; Robone, Silvana; Turati, Gilberto
2019 The gains of ignoring risk: Insurance with better informed principalsAbrardi, Laura; Colombo, Luca; Tedeschi, Piero
2018 Linguistic skills and the intergenerational transmission of languageCaminal, Ramón; Cappellari, Lorenzo; Di Paolo, Antonio
2018 War of the waves: Radio and resistance during World War IIGagliarducci, Stefano; Onorator, Massimiliano G.; Sobbrio, Francesco; Tabellini, Guido Enrico
2018 Public expenditure multipliers in recessions: Evidence from the EurozoneBoitani, Andrea; Perdichizzi, Salvatore
2018 Electoral cycle bias in the media coverage of corruption newsLe Moglie, Marco; Turati, Gilberto
2018 Plunging into the sea: Ideological change, institutional environments and private entrepreneurship in ChinaBordignon, Massimo; Deng, Yanhua; Huang, Jian; Yang, Jin
2018 Workers, firms and life-cycle wage dynamicsBingley, Paul; Cappellari, Lorenzo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 89