14th ITS Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, Kyoto 2017

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14th ITS Asia-Pacific Conference (ITS Kyoto 2017)
June 24 - 27, 2017, Kyoto, Japan

"Mapping ICT into Transformation for the Next Information Society"

The fundamental ecosystem of ICT consists of the three layers, infrastructure, platform, and applications. The current global trend in these three layers can be summarized as follows: (1) Broadband infrastructures, wired or wireless, have been deployed in the competitive or public policy scheme and are bases for upcoming platforms and applications. This is due to technological development, policies for promoting competition, as well as the provision of public subsidies. As a result, some economies have reached the level where the number of subscribers is becoming satiated; (2) Regarding platforms, a remarkable development is cloud computing, for example, which is now the basis of smartphones and B2B or B2C e-commerce; and (3) No explanation is necessary for this term. Everything is being connected to the Internet (IoT), and this is transforming traditional systems into entirely new ones. ICT enables not only the sharing of information among people, but also the sharing of services such as automobiles (Uber), rooms (Airbnb), and so on. The volume of information is growing explosively, this being termed ‘big data.’ AI (artificial intelligence) has become capable of handling and analyzing this real-time data making it possible to instantly foresee the result of actions. One example is that robots now beat professional chess or Go players. Fintech, autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, etc., are other examples.Among these trends, the future of ICT is not necessarily glamorous; there are new as well as already old issues for the harmonious use of ICT, including universal ICT services, infrastructure upgrading, information security, and privacy. The ITS Kyoto 2017 thus aims, by discussions among global experts, to discover how not only the region but the entire world can transform and construct a new paradigm for the knowledge-based society through ICT.

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2017 Cover Version and Copyright: Based on Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014 of Hong KongBei, Jing
2017 Network tower sharing and telecom infrastructure diffusion in Ghana - a Structure-Conduct-Performance approachOsei-Owusu, Alexander; Henten, Anders
2017 Impact of Very High-Speed Broadband on Local Economic Growth: Empirical EvidenceHasbi, Maude
2017 The Mixed Blessing in Subsidized Internet AccessFrieden, Rob
2017 The impact of Digitalization on Business Models: How IT Artefacts, Social Media, and Big Data Force Firms to Innovate Their Business ModelBouwman, Harry; de Reuver, Mark; Nikou, Shahrokh
2017 Three Models for Sharing Cybersecurity Incident Information: A Legal and Political AnalysisHayashi, Koichiro
2017 Analysis of the barriers that consumers encounter when smart home service is introduced in South KoreaHong, Areum; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Examining the Intention to Use Infant Health Monitoring Devices in South KoreaChoi, Mideum; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Impact of media form on the perceived image of the television news media in the age of media convergenceCheng, John W.; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2017 Balance between Privacy Protecting and Selling User Data of Wearable DevicesHuang, Kuang-Chiu; Hsu, Jung-Fang
2017 Competition and vertical/agglomeration effects in media mergers: bagging bundle benefitsHowell, Bronwyn E; Potgieter, Petrus H.
2017 The Effects of the Internet and Mobile Services on Urban Household ExpendituresZhang, Aihua; Lv, Jia; Kong, Ying
2017 Examining actors into boosting the provision of universal service in the Vietnamese contextThai Do Manh; Williams, Idongesit
2017 A Multi-Country Comparison of User Innovation Behaviors on Smartphone ApplicationsYoo, Bosul; Katsumata, Sotaro; Ichikohji, Takeyasu
2017 An ICT Use Case of Social Business Based on the Business Model PerspectiveOgawa, Tetsuji; Yuhashi, Hiroyasu; Nishigaki, Masakatsu
2017 The value of public service broadcasting in Japan: The life satisfaction approachOkuyama, Naoko
2017 Role of the Regional economic communities (RECs) in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the Asia-PacificLoan, Ngo Thi Thanh; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2017 A Study on the Perceived Value of Mobile Service Using the Contingent Valuation Method in KoreaNam, Sangjun
2017 Investigating the Influence of Bridging the Digital Divide on Economic Growth and Corruption Control: Lessons from Developmental Economies to Developing Countries. The case of East African CountriesMekuria, Teklemariam; Kwon, Youngsun
2017 Demand Analysis for Real-Time and Time-Shifted Viewing in the Japanese TV MarketNakamura, Akihiro; Shishikura, Manabu; Kasuga, Norihiro; Jitsuzumi, Toshiya; Koguchi, Teppei
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 80
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