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2021 The Post-2015 Institutional Shock in Poland: Some Empirical FindingsKowalski, Tadeusz
2021 Economic Policy Responses to the Coronavirus Crisis – Stabilization and InsuranceAndersen, Torben
2021 One Instrument, Many Goals: Some Delicate Challenges Facing the EU’s Recovery FundBegg, Iain
2021 The Coronavirus Pandemic and Next Generation EU in the Baltic StatesStaehr, Karsten; Urke, Katri
2021 European Banking Reform Should Embrace a Unitary Approach to Failed BanksGelpern, Anna; Véron, Nicolas
2021 The NGEU Economic Recovery FundFuest, Clemens
2021 How Difficult Is It for Managers to Predict Their Future Business Development? A New Measure of Perceived Business UncertaintyLautenbacher, Stefan; Sauer, Stefan; Wohlrabe, Klaus
2021 Measuring the European Fiscal Stance Afer Covid-19 from National and European Budget PlansCohen-Setton, Jérémie; Vallée, Shahin
2021 Deforestation and MigrationRude, Britta; Niederhöfer, Bennet; Ferrara, Fabio
2021 Recent Challenges for Global Cooperation and the Future of WTOFlach, Lisandra
2021 The Integration Challenges of Female Refugees and Migrants: Where Do We Stand?Albrecht, Clara; Pérez, Maria Hofbauer; Stitteneder, Tanja
2021 The Elephant in the Room of WTO Reform: ChinaGarcía-Herrero, Alicia
2021 Rebooting the World Trade Organization: A Rethink on Purpose and PracticeNarlikar, Amrita
2021 WTO Reform As a Triangular Problem among China, the EU and the USHoekman, Bernard; Wolfe, Robert
2021 How to Unlock the WTO Blockage and Why China Holds the KeyMatthes, Jürgen
2021 Fintech and Big Tech Credit: What Explains the Rise of Digital Lending?Cornelli, Giulio; Frost, Jon; Gambacorta, Leonardo; Rau, Raghavendra; Wardrop, Robert; Ziegler, Tania
2021 The EU Budget and the Role of Public GoodsDíaz, Antonia
2021 World Economic Outlook for 2021 and 2022Nam, Chang Woon
2020 What Drives Bitcoins? A Com- parative Study of Bitcoin Prices and Financial Asset ClassesBartholomae, Florian; Rafih, Pierre
2020 Negative Interest Rates and Bank LendingBrown, Martin
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 818