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2023Economic recovery in post-World War II West Germany and Ukraine todayEichengreen, Barry
2023The export of sanction policies: Extraterritorial sanctions and geopolitical conflictJaneba, Eckhard
2023Measuring remote work using a Large Language Model (LLM)Lambert, Peter
2023Introduction to the issue on how to reconstruct Ukraine? Challenges, plans and the role of the EUNam, Chang-woon
2023The signal in the noiseBerg, Florian; Jay, Jason; Kölbel, Julian; Rigobón, Roberto
2023Asset overhang and the green transitionDegryse, Hans; Roukny, Tarik; Tielens, Joris
2023Discrimination of sexual minorities in emerging markets: Can the needle be moved?Aksoy, Cevat Giray; Carpenter, Christopher; De Haas, Ralph; Dolls, Mathias; Windsteiger, Lisa
2023The impact of economic sanctions on target countries: A review of the empirical evidenceGutmann, Jerg; Neuenkirch, Matthias; Neumeier, Florian
2023Reforming the Ukrainian economy and state: The unfinished businessDñabrowski, Marek
2023Introduction to the issue on climate change: Greening the economy by green finance?Hainz, Christa
2023Gas and nuclear power as transition technologies: What does this mean for investmentsHaselmann, Rainer; Steuer, Sebastian; Tröger, Tobias
2023Narratives in ECB press conferences: A textual analysisKlejdysz, Justyna
2023Do school curricula matter to students in the long run? The case of teaching the theory of evolution or creationism in the United StatesArold, Benjamin W.
2023Who should bear the burden of increasing fiscal pressure? An optimal income taxation perspectiveAyaz, Mehmet; Fricke, Lea; Fuest, Clemens; Sachs, Dominik
2023Eight recommendations to reconstruct and modernize UkraineBandura, Romina
2023"Laying foundations for building back better in Ukraine": Policy actions and principles for a strong transition and recovery processBjerde, Anna
2023Economic sanctions and military expenditure in Iran: A brief surveyFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2023Introduction to the issue on how sanctions work: And which goals they fail to achieveNam, Chang-woon
2023Regional income inequality in GermanyFrieden, Immo; Peichl, Andreas; Schüle, Paul
2023The role of the diaspora for the recovery of UkraineAdema, Joop; Giesing, Yvonne; Panécenko, T. V.; Poutvaara, Panu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 956