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Al Qaesi, Hussein Ali Hussein
Abbas, Abdulmuttaleb
El-Jubouri, Mohamed Dhary Yousif
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[Title:] Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania. 7th Edition of the International Symposium, November 2016, Bucharest [Pages:] 112-120
Agriculture in Iraq represents a vital component of the country's economy. Prior to the development of the petroleum industry, agriculture was the primary economic activity in Iraq. Over the past several decades agriculture's role in the economy has been heavily influenced by Iraq's involvement in military conflicts (particularly the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War, the 1991 Gulf War, and the 2003 Iraq War). These military conflicts influenced government policy intervention to promote and/or control agricultural production. In 1971 to 1990, Iraq's population grew at an annual rate of 3.2% compared with only a 1.2% growth rate for Iraq's cereal production, given the context that cereals are the principal source of calories in Iraq. Nowadays, there is a strong debate about which direction should Iraqi agriculture take, for its revival and for contributing to national wellbeing, taking also into account the growing competition for water and the challenges due to climate change.This study will be divided into four main sections, which is an introduction in which the literature will also be reviewed, the second main section will be dedicated to organic agriculture and related activities since organic agriculture represents an important method for the extension of agriculture. The last two important sections will be dedicated to the results, which will contain tables of statistical data followed by a discussion in which data will be interpreted, and it will end with the conclusions and recommendations for prospects of organic agriculture in Iraq.
organic agriculture
agriculture in Iraq
extension of agriculture
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Conference Paper

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