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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Corruption and the Desire to Leave Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Corruption as a Driver of Emigration IntentionsAuer, Daniel; Römer, Friederike; Tjaden, Jasper
2019 The effectiveness and effects of alcohol regulation: Evidence from IndiaLuca, Dara Lee; Owens, Emily; Sharma, Gunjan
2019 Migration, cultural identity and diasporas: An identity economics approachPrinz, Aloys; Siegel, Melissa
2019 Considering the benefits of hosting refugees: Evidence of refugee camps influencing local labour market activity and economic welfare in RwandaLoschmann, Craig; Bilgili, Özge; Siegel, Melissa
2019 Transitions between informal and formal employment: Results from a worker survey in BangladeshGutierrez, Italo A.; Kumar, Krishna B.; Mahmud, Minhaj Uddin; Munshi, Farzana; Nataraj, Shanthi
2019 Fragmenting the family? The complexity of household migration strategies in post-apartheid South AfricaHall, Katharine; Posel, Dorrit
2019 Diaspora externalitiesRapoport, Hillel
2019 Labor migration in Indonesia and the health of children left behindNg, James
2019 Discrimination in a search and matching model with self-employmentLain, Jonathan
2019 Asymmetric information and the discount on foreign-acquired degrees in CanadaAydede, Yigit; Dar, Atul A.
2019 Substitution between immigrant and native farmworkers in the United States: Does legal status matter?Wei, Xuan; Onel, Gulcan; Guan, Zhengfei; Roka, Fritz M.
2019 Following in their footsteps: An analysis of the impact of successive migration on rural household welfare in GhanaEgger, Eva-Maria; Litchfield, Julie
2018 Does it matter if immigrants work in jobs related to their education?Dean, Jason
2018 The effect of immigration shocks on native fertility outcomes: Evidence from a natural experimentSeah, Kelvin K. C.
2018 Word to the mother(tongue): Language access and Medicaid for Limited English Proficient migrantsLiou, Wayne
2018 The impact of refugee experiences on education: Evidence from BurundiFransen, Sonja; Vargas-Silva, Carlos; Siegel, Melissa
2018 Systematic measurement error in self-reported health: Is anchoring vignettes the way out?Dasgupta, Aparajita
2018 First fired, first hired? Business cycles and immigrant labor market transitionsXu, Huanan
2018 The effects of cash transfers on adult labor market outcomesBaird, Sarah; McKenzie, David J.; Özler, Berk
2018 Jobs for Africa's expanding youth cohort: A stocktaking of employment prospects and policy interventionsBetcherman, Gordon; Khan, Themrise
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56