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2019 The effectiveness and effects of alcohol regulation: Evidence from IndiaLuca, Dara Lee; Owens, Emily; Sharma, Gunjan
2019 Following in their footsteps: An analysis of the impact of successive migration on rural household welfare in GhanaEgger, Eva-Maria; Litchfield, Julie
2018 Reallocating children's time: Coping strategies after the 2010 Haiti earthquakeNovella, Rafael; Zanuso, Claire
2018 Land tenure policy and off-farm employment in rural ChinaChang, Hongqin; Ai, Ping; Li, Yuan
2018 Labor market mobility and the early-career outcomes of immigrant menJavdani, Mohsen; McGee, Andrew
2018 Transnational social mobility of minorities: A comparative analysis of 14 immigrant minority groupsKislev, Elyakim
2018 What makes you go back home? Determinants of the duration of migration of Mexican immigrants in the United StatesCarrión-Flores, Carmen
2018 Mixed effects of remittances on child educationBucheli, José R.; Bohara, Alok K.; Fontenla, Matías
2018 The effect of immigration shocks on native fertility outcomes: Evidence from a natural experimentSeah, Kelvin K. C.
2018 Job dissatisfaction and migration: Evidence from TajikistanAbdulloev, Ilhom
2018 Correlates of business survival: Empirical evidence on youth-owned micro and small enterprises in Urban EthiopiaWoldehanna, Tasssew; Amha, Wolday; Yonis, Manex B.
2018 Do employers in Myanmar prefer workers who accumulated skills in more advanced countries? Evidence from a field experimentWah, Saw Htay
2018 Acquisition of permanent residence by temporary foreign workers in Canada: A panel study of labour market outcomes before and after the status transitionCi, Wen; Hou, Feng; Morissette, René
2018 Changing wage structure in India in the post-reform era: 1993-2011Jacoby, Hanan G.; Dasgupta, Basab
2018 Does stricter immigration policy affect college enrollment and public-private school choice of natives?Gunadi, Christian
2018 The effects of cash transfers on adult labor market outcomesBaird, Sarah; McKenzie, David J.; Özler, Berk
2018 Jobs for Africa's expanding youth cohort: A stocktaking of employment prospects and policy interventionsBetcherman, Gordon; Khan, Themrise
2018 Word to the mother(tongue): Language access and Medicaid for Limited English Proficient migrantsLiou, Wayne
2018 The impact of refugee experiences on education: Evidence from BurundiFransen, Sonja; Vargas-Silva, Carlos; Siegel, Melissa
2018 Systematic measurement error in self-reported health: Is anchoring vignettes the way out?Dasgupta, Aparajita
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46