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2019 Following in their footsteps: An analysis of the impact of successive migration on rural household welfare in GhanaEgger, Eva-Maria; Litchfield, Julie
2019 The effectiveness and effects of alcohol regulation: Evidence from IndiaLuca, Dara Lee; Owens, Emily; Sharma, Gunjan
2018 Does it matter if immigrants work in jobs related to their education?Dean, Jason
2018 First fired, first hired? Business cycles and immigrant labor market transitionsXu, Huanan
2018 Just like a woman? New comparative evidence on the gender income gap across Eastern Europe and Central AsiaBlunch, Niels-Hugo
2018 Comparing retrospective and panel data collection methods to assess labor market dynamicsAssaad, Ragui; Krafft, Caroline; Yassin, Shaimaa; Rienzo, Cinzia
2018 Liberalization of European migration and the immigration of skilled people to SwedenEjermo, Olof; Zheng, Yannu
2018 Gender gaps in the path to adulthood for young females and males in six African countries from the 1990s to the 2010sKabubo-Mariara, Jane; McKay, Andy; Newell, Andy; Rienzo, Cinzia
2018 Enforcement of labor regulations and job flows: Evidence from Brazilian citiesAbras, Ana; Almeida, Rita K.; Carneiro, Pedro; Corseuil, Carlos Henrique L.
2018 Reallocating children's time: Coping strategies after the 2010 Haiti earthquakeNovella, Rafael; Zanuso, Claire
2018 Land tenure policy and off-farm employment in rural ChinaChang, Hongqin; Ai, Ping; Li, Yuan
2018 Labor market mobility and the early-career outcomes of immigrant menJavdani, Mohsen; McGee, Andrew
2018 Transnational social mobility of minorities: A comparative analysis of 14 immigrant minority groupsKislev, Elyakim
2018 What makes you go back home? Determinants of the duration of migration of Mexican immigrants in the United StatesCarrión-Flores, Carmen
2018 Mixed effects of remittances on child educationBucheli, José R.; Bohara, Alok K.; Fontenla, Matías
2018 The effect of immigration shocks on native fertility outcomes: Evidence from a natural experimentSeah, Kelvin K. C.
2018 Job dissatisfaction and migration: Evidence from TajikistanAbdulloev, Ilhom
2018 Correlates of business survival: Empirical evidence on youth-owned micro and small enterprises in Urban EthiopiaWoldehanna, Tasssew; Amha, Wolday; Yonis, Manex B.
2018 Do employers in Myanmar prefer workers who accumulated skills in more advanced countries? Evidence from a field experimentWah, Saw Htay
2018 Acquisition of permanent residence by temporary foreign workers in Canada: A panel study of labour market outcomes before and after the status transitionCi, Wen; Hou, Feng; Morissette, René
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46