Journal for Labour Market Research, Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023Effects of mixing modes on nonresponse and measurement error in an economic panel surveySakshaug, Joseph W.; Beste, Jonas; Trappmann, Mark
2023Population aggregates from administrative data samples-how good are they?vom Berge, Philipp
2023FDI and onshore task composition: Evidence from German firms with affiliates in the Czech RepublicKoerner, Konstantin; Le Moigne, Mathilde
2023In-work poverty dynamics: Trigger events and short-term trajectories in ArgentinaPoy, Santiago
2023How sensitive are matching estimates of active labor market policy effects to typically unobserved confounders?Tübbicke, Stefan
2023Changes in the gender pay gap over time: The case of West GermanyBonaccolto-Töpfer, Marina; Castagnetti, Carolina; Rosti, Luisa
2023The dynamics of wage dispersion between firms: The role of firm entry and exitSchröpf, Benedikt
2023How elastic is labor demand? A meta-analysis for the German labor marketPopp, Martin
2023Early child care and the employment potential of mothers: Evidence from semi-parametric difference-in-differences estimationZimmert, Franziska
2023Nonresponse trends in establishment panel surveys: Findings from the 2001-2017 IAB establishment panelKönig, Corinna; Sakshaug, Joseph W.
2023Neither backlash nor convergence: Dynamics of intra-couple childcare division during the Covid-19 pandemic in GermanyBoll, Christina; Müller, Dana; Schüller, Simone
2023Return to work after medical rehabilitation in Germany: Influence of individual factors and regional labour market based on administrative dataHetzel, Christian; Leinberger, Sarah; Kaluscha, Rainer; Kranzmann, Angela; Schmidt, Nadine; Mitschele, Anke
2023A correction procedure for the working hours variable in the IAB employee historyvom Berge, Philipp; Umkehrer, Matthias; Wanger, Susanne
2023On the measurement of tasks: Does expert data get it right?Storm, Eduard
2023Job quality continuity and change in later working life and the mediating role of mental and physical health on employment participationStiller, Michael; Ebener, Melanie; Hasselhorn, Hans-Martin
2023Demand and supply effects on native-immigrant wage differentials: The case of MalaysiaAbdullah, Borhan; Zangelidis, Alexandros; Theodossiou, Ioannis
2023Short-term labour transitions and informality during the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin AmericaMaurizio, Roxana; Monsalvo, Ana Paula; Catania, María Sol; Martinez, Silvana
2023Reemployment premium effect of furlough programs: Evaluating Spain's scheme during the COVID-19 crisisGarcia-Clemente, J.; Rubino, N.; Congregado, E.
2023Cultural and economic integration of immigrants in Canada: "do you play hockey?"Japaridze, Irakli; Kaplan, Uma
2023Linking information on unemployment benefit sanctions from different datasets about welfare receipt: Proceedings and research potentialSchmidtke, Julia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 437