Logistics Research, Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL)

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2018Diversity in employment of electric commercial vehicles in urban freight transport: A literature reviewWang, Molin; Thoben, Klaus-Dieter; Bernardo, Marcella; Daudi, Morice
2018Shippers' transport efficiency: An approach for measuring load factorSantén, Vendela; Rogerson, Sara
2018Governance and moderating effects of environmental uncertainty: The impact on performance in horizontal logistics cooperationsElbert, Ralf; Gerdes, Ulf-Thido; Kaiser, Gernot; Sarnow, Tessa
2018Logistics as a science: Central research questions in the era of the fourth industrial revolutionDelfmann, Werner; Ten Hompel, Michael; Kersten, Wolfgang; Schmidt, Thorsten; Stölzle, Wolfgang
2018Complexity drivers in product development: A comparison between literature and empirical researchVogel, Wolfgang; Lasch, Rainer
2018Optimization of coil relocations in multilocation capacitated warehousesSchneeberger, Karl; Doerner, Karl F.; Schilde, Michael
2018RAWSim-O: A simulation framework for robotic mobile fulfillment systemsMerschformann, Marius; Xie, Lin; Li, Hanyi
2018Vehicle routing problem for the minimization of perishable food damage considering road conditionsBuelvas Padilla, María Paula; Nisperuza Canabal, Paula Andrea; López Pereira, Jorge Mario; Hernández Riaño, Helman Enrique
2018A framework for classifying sustainable logistics innovationsBjörklund, Maria; Forslund, Helena
2018Supply chain disruption models: A critical reviewBugert, Niels; Lasch, Rainer
2017Supply chain sustainability performance indicators: A content analysis based on published standards and guidelinesSaeed, Muhammad Amad; Kersten, Wolfgang
2017Tabu search and memetic algorithms for a real scheduling and routing problemEl-Yaakoubi, Anass; El-Fallahi, Abdellah; Cherkaoui, Mohammad; Hamzaoui, Mohamed Reghioui
2017Time-differentiated supply at customer sites: Analysing the service costsJat, Mohsin Nasir
2017Allocation of bulk tanks to improve industrial gas distribution to customers with time varying demandFarrokhvar, Leily; Ellis, Kimberly P.; Arbogast, Jeffrey
2017Health care supply chain research: Where are we going?Min, Hokey
2017Data envelopment analysis for investigating the relative efficiency of supply chain managementGold, Stefan; Reiner, Gerald; Dion, Paul
2017Setup cost reduction in an integrated production inventory system for defective items with service level constraint and delay in paymentsUdayakumar, R.; Geetha, K. V.
2017Harnessing capabilities and practices for sourcing innovation: An exploratory studyRajkumar, Christopher; Stentoft, Jan
2017Delivery deadlines in same-day deliveryUlmer, Marlin
2017Empirical lateral-force-model for forklift tiresStepanyuk, Sergey; Bruns, Rainer; Krivenkov, Konstantin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 63