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2018 Autobiographical narratives and the social-historical science of economics: A contribution to reflexivity?Lebaron, Frédéric
2018 The dual messages of OECD economic surveys: Observations from the OECD's Economics Department and the drafting and peer review of Economic SurveysLindstrøm, Maria Duclos
2018 Ain't misbehaving: Behavioral economics and the making of financial literacyWolf, Marcus
2018 Central bank independence: Economic common sense and economic deviceHeidebrecht, Sebastian
2018 Discounting the future: A political technologyDoganova, Liliana
2018 Note from the editor: "The laws of economics." Economic devices, economics, economists, and the making of the economyGodechot, Olivier
2017 The limits of global labor governance and an emerging perspectiveFeuerstein, Patrick; Herrigel, Gary
2017 Globalization, governance and the nation-state: An OverviewMalets, Olga
2017 Interview: Sigrid Quack interviewed by Sascha MünnichQuack, Sigrid; Münnich, Sascha
2017 Globalization revisited: Note from the editorMünnich, Sascha
2017 Varieties of agrarian capitalism: Towards a comparative analysis of rural economiesKohl, Sebastian; Dobeson, Alexander; Brandl, Barbara
2017 Seen but not noticed: The role of comparions in economic sociologyBühler, Martin; Heintz, Bettina
2017 Note from the editor: Towards a comparative economic sociologyMünnich, Sascha
2017 economic sociology_the european electronic newsletter, Volume 18, Number 1-3Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (Cologne)
2017 Avoiding and protesting taxes: Wealthy people and tax consentHerlin-Giret, Camille
2017 The comparative organizational inequality network: Toward an economic sociology of inequalityTomaskovic-Devey, Donald; Bandelj, Nina; Boeckmann, Irene; Boza, István; Cort, David; Avent-Holt, Dustin; Godechot, Olivier; Hajdu, Gergely; Hällsten, Martin; Folke Henriksen, Lasse; Hense, Andrea; Hermansen, Are-Skeie; Han, Joon; Hou, Feng; Jung, Jiwook; Kanjuo-Mrécela, Aleksandra; King, Joseph; Kodama, Naomi; Krizkova, Alena; Lippényi, Zoltán; Melzer, Silvia Maja; Mun, Eunmi; Penner, Andrew; Petersen, Trond; Poje, Andreja; Rainey, Anthony; Safi, Mirna; Tufail, Zaibu
2017 The sociology and economics of wealth inequality: Two worlds apartKorom, Philipp
2017 How did the great recession affect income inequality in Spain?Blavier, Pierre
2017 Note from the editor. Inequality: A Piketty et al. moment in the social sciencesGodechot, Olivier
2017 Why no one cares about inequality (except us)Schröder, Martin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 329
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