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2019 Bringing development back into (economic) sociology. Andrew Schrank interviewed by Felipe González and Aldo MadariagaSchrank, Andrew; González, Felipe; Madariaga, Aldo
2019 Notes on market design and economic sociologyOssandón, José
2019 Cultures in the market: cultures for sale? Some words of hope and caution illustrated by Amazonian casesVereta-Nahoum, André
2019 Local resource-based growth, inequality, and state capacityParedes, Maritza
2019 Competition on paper: artifacts of visualization in antitrust policyOnto, Gustavo
2019 Notes for a sociology of economies based on self-management, solidarity and work in Latin AmericaGoméz Ñuñez, Nicolás
2019 Markets, market dynamics and market creation in Latin AmericaMadariaga, Aldo; González, Felipe
2019 Economic sociology, political economy, and Latin America's capitalism: Quo vadis?Madariaga, Aldo; González, Felipe
2019 The taming of prices: Framing and fighting inflation in the second half of the twentieth century in ArgentinaHeredia, Mariana; Daniel, Claudia
2019 Conference report: The Public Vocation of the Social Studies of the Economy - La Vocación Pública de los Estudios Sociales de la Economía-
2018 Note from the editor: "The laws of economics." Economic devices, economics, economists, and the making of the economyGodechot, Olivier
2018 Autobiographical narratives and the social-historical science of economics: A contribution to reflexivity?Lebaron, Frédéric
2018 Discounting the future: A political technologyDoganova, Liliana
2018 Networks of corporate ancestry: Dynasties of patri-lineages in chairman-executive networksHenriksen, Lasse Folke; Grau Larsen, Anton; Ellersgaard, Christoph; Lunding, Jacob
2018 Ain't misbehaving: Behavioral economics and the making of financial literacyWolf, Marcus
2018 Central bank independence: Economic common sense and economic deviceHeidebrecht, Sebastian
2018 The dual messages of OECD economic surveys: Observations from the OECD's Economics Department and the drafting and peer review of Economic SurveysLindstrøm, Maria Duclos
2018 Note from the editor: Networks for economic sociology (and not the other way around)Godechot, Olivier
2018 Is social network analysis useful for studying the family economy?Bessière, Céline; Gollac, Sibylle
2018 Embeddedness and decoupling in innovation activitiesGrossetti, Michel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 351
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