ECB Working Paper Series, European Central Bank (ECB)

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2018 Labour tax reforms, cross-country coordination and the monetary policy stance in the euro area: A structural model-based approachJacquinot, Pascal; Pisani, Massimiliano; Lozej, Matija
2018 Credit shocks and the European labour marketBodnár, Katalin; Viviano, Eliana; Fadejeva, Ludmila; Hoeberichts, Marco; Izquierdo Peinado, Mario; Jadeau, Christophe
2018 Predicting risk premia in short-term interest rates and exchange ratesGräb, Johannes; Kostka, Thomas
2018 Detrending and financial cycle facts across G7 countries: Mind a spurious medium term!Schüler, Yves S.
2018 Tight money - tight credit: Coordination failure in the conduct of monetary and financial policiesCarrillo, Julio A.; Roldán-Peña, Jessica; Mendoza, Enrique G.; Nuguer, Victoria
2018 Monetary policy and cross-border interbank market fragmentation: Lessons from the crisisBlattner, Tobias Sebastian; Swarbrick, Jonathan M.
2018 Dealing with endogeneity in threshold models using copulas: An illustration to the foreign trade multiplierChristopulos, Dimitris K.; Tzavalis, Elias; McAdam, Peter
2018 Agent-based model of system-wide implications of funding riskHałaj, Grzegorz
2018 A minimal moral hazard central stabilisation capacity for the EMU based on world tradeBeetsma, Roel M. W. J.; Cimadomo, Jacopo; Cima, Simone
2018 How do firms adjust to rises in the minimum wage? Survey evidence from Central and Eastern EuropeBodnár, Katalin; Fadejeva, Ludmila; Iordache, Stefania; Malk, Liina; Paskaleva, Desislava; Pesliakaitė, Jurga; Todorović Jemec, Nataša; Tóth, Peter; Wyszyński, Robert
2018 Portfolio rebalancing and the transmission of large-scale asset programmes: Evidence from the euro areaAlbertazzi, Ugo; Boucinha, Miguel; Becker, Bo
2018 Deconstructing monetary policy surprises: The role of information shocksJarociński, Marek; Karadi, Peter
2018 Priors for the long runGiannone, Domenico; Primiceri, Giorgio E.; Lenza, Michele
2018 Macroprudential regulation in the European Union in 1995-2014: Introducing a new data set on policy actions of a macroprudential natureBudnik, Katarzyna; Kleibl, Johannes
2018 Cross-border banking in the EU since the crisis: What is driving the great retrenchment?Emter, Lorenz; Tirpák, Marcel; Schmitz, Martin
2018 Sovereign defaults in courtSchumacher, Julian; Enderlein, Henrik; Trebesch, Christoph
2018 Spillovers in space and time: Where spatial econometrics and Global VAR models meetElhorst, Jean Paul; Tereanu, Eugen; Gross, Marco
2018 Credit constraints, firm investment and growth: Evidence from survey dataGarcía-Posada Gómez, Miguel
2018 Time-consistent monetary policy, terms of trade manipulation and welfare in open economiesSchmidt, Sebastian
2018 Euro area real-time density forecasting with financial or labor market frictionsMcAdam, Peter; Warne, Anders
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 2179