ECB Working Paper Series, European Central Bank (ECB)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Risk endogeneity at the lender/investor-of-last-resortCaballero, Diego; Lucas, André; Schwaab, Bernd; Zhang, Xin
2019 On the retirement effect of inheritance: Heterogeneity and the role of risk aversionGarbinti, Bertrand; Georges-Kot, Simon
2019 Interest rates and foreign spilloversDe Santis, Roberto A.; Zimic, Srečko
2019 Leaning against the wind: Macroprudential policy and the financial cycleKockerols, Thore; Kok Sørensen, Christoffer
2019 CoMap: Mapping contagion in the euro area banking sectorCovi, Giovanni; Gorpe, Mehmet Ziya; Kok Sørensen, Christoffer
2019 Some borrowers are more equal than others: Bank funding shocks and credit reallocationDe Jonghe, Olivier; Dewachter, Hans; Mulier, Klaas; Ongena, Steven; Schepens, Glenn
2019 When losses turn into loans: The cost of undercapitalized banksBlattner, Laura; Farinha, Luísa A.; Rebelo, Francisco
2019 Money, credit, monetary policy and the business cycle in the euro area: What has changed since the crisis?Giannone, Domenico; Lenza, Michele; Reichlin, Lucrezia
2019 Medium term treatment and side effects of quantitative easing: International evidenceBeck, Roland; Duca, Ioana A.; Stracca, Livio
2019 Mind the gap: A multi-country BVAR benchmark for the Eurosystem projectionsAngelini, Elena; Lalik, Magdalena; Lenza, Michele; Paredes, Joan
2019 From cash- to securities-driven euro area repo markets: The role of financial stress and safe asset scarcityBrand, Claus; Ferrante, Lorenzo; Hubert, Antoine
2019 A dynamic model of bank behaviour under multiple regulatory constraintsBehn, Markus; Daminato, Claudio; Salleo, Carmelo
2019 Do public wages in the euro area explain private wage developments? An empirical investigationAttinasi, Maria Grazia; Berardini, Francesco; Palazzo, Alessandra Anna
2019 Markets, banks, and shadow banksMartinez-Miera, David; Repullo, Rafael
2019 Breaking the shackles: Zombie firms, weak banks and depressed restructuring in EuropeAndrews, Dan; Petroulakis, Filippos
2019 Money markets, collateral and monetary policyDe Fiore, Fiorella; Hoerova, Marie; Uhlig, Harald
2019 America First? A US-centric view of global capital flowsMcQuade, Peter; Schmitz, Martin
2019 Credit, financial conditions and the business cycle in ChinaLodge, David; Soudan, Michel
2019 Mars or Mercury redux: The geopolitics of bilateral trade agreementsEichengreen, Barry; Mehl, Arnaud; Chițu, Livia
2019 Global growth on life support? The contributions of fiscal and monetary policy since the global financial crisisBaumann, Ursel; Lodge, David; Miescu, Mirela S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2327