NBB Working Papers, National Bank of Belgium

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Alexandre Lamfalussy and the monetary policy debates among central bankers during the Great InflationMaes, Ivo; Clement, Piet
2018 The unemployment impact of product and labour market regulation: Evidence from European countriesPiton, Céline
2018 Decomposing firm-product appeal: How important is consumer taste?Aw, Bee-Yan; Lee, Yi; Vandenbussche, Hylke
2018 Paul van Zeeland and the first decade of the US Federal Reserve System: The analysis from a European central banker who was a student of KemmererMaes, Ivo; Gómez, Rebeca
2018 Can inflation expectations in business or consumer surveys improve inflation forecasts?Basselier, Raïsa; de Antonio Liedo, David; Jonckheere, Jana; Langenus, Geert
2018 Quantile-based inflation risk modelsGhysels, Eric; Iania, Leonardo; Striaukas, Jonas
2018 Review essay: central banking through the centuriesMaes, Ivo
2018 Some borrowers are more equal than others: Bank funding shocks and credit reallocationDe Jonghe, Olivier; Dewachter, Hans; Mulier, Klaas; Ongena, Steven; Schepens, Glenn
2018 Is euro area lowflation here to stay? Insights from a time-varying parameter model with survey dataStevens, Arnoud; Wauters, Joris
2018 Identifying credit supply shocks with bank-firm data: Methods and applicationsDegryse, Hans; De Jonghe, Olivier; Jakovljević, Sanja; Mulier, Klaas; Schepens, Glenn
2018 Price updating in production networksDuprez, Cédric; Magerman, Glenn
2018 Productivity, wages and profits: Does firms' position in the value chain matter?Mahy, Benoît; Rycx, François; Vermeylen, Guillaume; Volral, Mélanie
2018 International food commodity prices and missing (dis)inflation in the euro areaPeersman, Gert
2018 Upstreamness, social upgrading and gender: Equal benefits for all?Gagliardi, Nicola; Mahy, Benoît; Rycx, François
2018 Markup and price dynamics: Linking micro to macroDe Loecker, Jan; Fuss, Catherine; Van Biesebroeck, Johannes
2018 Dominant currencies: How firms choose currency invoicing and why it mattersAmiti, Mary; Itskhoki, Oleg; Konings, Jozef
2018 A price index with variable mark-ups and changing varietyDemuynck, Thomas; Parenti, Mathieu
2018 IT and productivity: A firm level analysisDhyne, Emmanuel; Konings, Jozef; Van den Bosch, Jeroen; Vanormelingen, Stijn
2018 Endogenous forward guidanceChafwehé, Boris; Oikonomou, Rigas; Priftis, Romanos; Vogel, Lukas
2018 A macro-financial analysis of the corporate bond marketDewachter, Hans; Iania, Leonardo; Lemke, Wolfgang; Lyrio, Marco
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 373