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Kleps, Karlheinz
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[Journal:] Intereconomics [ISSN:] 0020-5346 [Publisher:] Verlag Weltarchiv [Place:] Hamburg [Volume:] 01 [Year:] 1966 [Issue:] 10 [Pages:] 18-23
This contribution summarises some of the most significant results of a detailed investigation made by the author. It deals with planning attempts made since the end of World War II in France, Belgium, Britain, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, the concept and policy of a social market economy in the Federal Republic of Germany, the long-term programmes conceived under the Marshall Plan, the “General Aims” of the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community, the Five Year Plan of the Euratom Commission and the programming of economic policy within the Common Market envisaged by the EEC Commission. The author has laid particular stress upon the quantitative and qualitative efficiency of such planning experiments.
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