Documentos de Trabajo, CEDLAS - Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales, Universidad Nacional de La Plata

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2018 The labor market effects of an educational expansion: A theoretical model with applications to BrazilJaume, David
2018 A community based program promotes sanitationAlzúa, María Laura; Djebbari, Habiba; Pickering, Amy J.
2018 Trade liberalization and informality in Argentina: Exploring the adjustment mechanismsCruces, Guillermo; Porto, Guido; Viollaz, Mariana
2018 Fading out effect or long lasting nudge? The impact of a conditional cash transfer program beyond starting the school year in ArgentinaEdo, María; Marchionni, Mariana
2018 Desigualdad en países en desarrollo: ¿Austando las epectativas?Gasparini, Leonardo; Bracco, Jessica; Galeano, Luciana; Pistorio, Mariela
2018 ICT adoption in micro and small firms: Can internet access improve labour productivity?Viollaz, Mariana
2018 Pay cycles: Individual and aggregate effects of paycheck frequencyBerniell, Inés
2018 Efectos educativos de la fecundidad adolescente: Evidencia causal a partir de la legalización del aborto en UruguayAlzúa, María Laura; Velázquez, Cecilia
2018 Series comparables de indigencia y pobreza: Una propuesta metodológicaTornarolli, Leopoldo
2018 Linking Armington and CET elasticities of substitution and transformation to price elasticities of import demand and export supply: A note for CGE practitionersLofgren, Hans; Cicowiez, Martin
2017 Poor little children: The socio economic gap in parental responses to school disadvantageBerniell, Inés; Estrada, Ricardo
2017 The long-run effects of teacher strikes: Evidence from ArgentinaJaume, David; Willén, Alexander
2017 Does the adoption of complex software impact employment composition and the skill content of occupations? Evidence from Chilean firmsAlmeida, Rita K.; Fernandes, Ana Margarida
2017 The impact of a permanent income shock on the situation of women in the household: The case of a pension reform in ArgentinaBerniell, Inés; de la Mata, Dolores; Machado, Matilde P.
2017 El fenómeno de los NiNis en América LatinaTornarolli, Leopoldo
2017 Educational inequality and intergenerational mobility in Latin America: A new databaseNeidhöfer, Guido; Serrano, Joaquín; Gasparini, Leonardo C.
2017 International inequality in subjective well-being: An exploration with the Gallup World PollGluzmann, Pablo; Gasparini, Leonardo C.
2017 Financing the sustainable management of Rwanda's protected areasBanerjee, Onil; Cicowiez, Martin; Ochuodho, Thomas; Masozera, Michel; Wolde, Bernabas; Lal, Pankaj; Dudek, Sebastian; Alavalapati, Janaki R.R.
2017 How is the internet changing labor market arrangements? Evidence from telecommunications reforms in EuropeVazquez, Emmanuel; Winkler, Hernan
2017 Trade reforms and industry wage premium: Evidence from ArgentinaFalcone, Guillermo; Galeano, Luciana
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 167