WWWforEurope Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Sustainable Work: Seven case studies on social-ecological implications in EuropeAigner, Ernest; Sanchez, Lucia Baratech; Bernhardt, Desiree Alicia; Curnow, Benjamin; Hödl, Christian; Leonhardt, Heidi; Luo, Anran
2016 Towards a Stock-Flow Consistent Ecological MacroeconomicsJackson, Tim; Victor, Peter; Naqvi, Asjad
2016 Work-sharing for a sustainable economyZwickl, Klara; Disslbacher, Franziska; Stagl, Sigrid
2016 The Carbon Footprint of European Households and Income DistributionSommer, Mark; Kratena, Kurt
2016 Defining research gaps concerning the implementation of socio-ecological transitionWeiss, Teresa
2016 Working hours in a period of low economic growthWalterskirchen, Ewald
2015 Competitiveness and Clusters: Implications for a New European Growth StrategyKetels, Christian
2015 Education and Social Mobility in Europe: Levelling the Playing Field for Europe’s Children and Fuelling its EconomyAltzinger, Wilfried; Crespo Cuaresma, Jesús; Rumplmaier, Bernhard; Sauer, Petra; Schneebaum, Alyssa
2015 Testing innovation, employment and distributional impacts of climate policy packages in a macro-evolutionary systems settingRengs, Bernhard; Scholz-Wäckerle, Manuel; Gazheli, Ardjan; Antal, Miklós; van den Bergh, Jeroen
2015 The impact of welfare benefits on natives' and immigrants' attitudes towards immigrationHuber, Peter; Oberdabernig, Doris A.
2015 Welfare state adjustment to new social risks in the post-crisis scenario. A review with focus on the social investment perspectiveLeoni, Thomas
2015 Eco-innovation and firm growth: Do green gazelles run faster? Microeconometric evidence from a sample of European firmsColombelli, Alessandra; Krafft, Jackie; Quatraro, Francesco
2015 Investment-specific vs Process Innovation in a CGE model of Environmental PolicyBaccianti, Claudio; Löschel, Andreas
2015 Achieving absolute decoupling? Comparing biophysical scenarios and macro-economic modelling resultsWiedenhofer, Dominik; Fischer-Kowalski, Marina
2015 Macroeconomic imbalances and institutional reforms in the EMUEderer, Stefan
2015 Taxonomy of implemented policy instruments to foster the production of green technologies and improve environmental and economic performanceCrespi, Francesco; Ghisetti, Claudia; Quatraro, Francesco
2015 Regulatory push-pull effects on innovation: an evaluation of the effects of the REACH regulation on patents in the chemical sectorGhisetti, Claudia; Quatraro, Francesco
2015 The Role of Cities in the Socio-Ecological Transition of Europe (ROCSET)Sauer, Thomas; Barnebeck, Stephanie; Kalff, Yannick; Schicklinski, Judith; Elsen, Susanne; Garzillo, Cristina; Hopp, Johanna; Kuhn, Stefan
2015 Credibility of the REACH Regulation: Lessons Drawn from an ABMArfaoui, Nabila; Brouillat, Eric; Saint Jean, Maïder
2015 European integration as an underestimated success programmeTichy, Gunther
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 115