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2016 Making ambitious green goals compatible with economic dynamics by a strategic approachAiginger, Karl
2015 How strong is the correlation between unemployment and growth really? The persistence of Okun's Law and how to weaken itMarth, Stefan
2015 Implementing the golden rule for public investment in Europe: Safeguarding public investment and supporting the recoveryTruger, Achim
2015 Corporate social innovation as a driver of performance and welfareUlinski, Susanna
2015 Deepening the scope of the "economic model": Functionalities, structures, mechanisms, and institutionsSchleicher, Stefan P.
2015 Eco-clusters as driving force for greening regional economic policyPohl, Alina
2015 Regional competitiveness under new perspectivesAiginger, Karl; Firgo, Matthias
2015 Strategic public procurement: An overviewHandler, Heinz
2015 Modeling growth, distribution, and the environment in a stock-flow consistent frameworkNaqvi, Asjad
2015 Green 'agrowth' as a third option: Removing the GDP-growth constraint on human progressVan den Bergh, Jeroen C.J.M.
2015 Selection, trade, and employment: The strategic use of subsidiesMolana, Hassan; Montagna, Catia
2015 On transformations in financing structure in an affluent societyTichy, Gunther
2015 Competitiveness of EU vs. US: Part 1, 2, 7, 9 of the study Competitiveness under new perspectivesAiginger, Karl; Bärenthaler-Sieber, Susanne; Vogel, Johanna
2014 Who benefits from big government? A life satisfaction approachKnoll, Bodo; Pitlik, Hans
2014 Structural disparities in carbon dioxide consumption and trade in the world economyEderer, Stefan; Weingärtner, Stefan
2014 Industrial policy for a sustainable growth pathAiginger, Karl
2014 Employment effects of renewable energy supply: A meta analysisMeyer, Ina; Sommer, Mark Wolfgang
2014 The Euro Plus Pact: Cost competitiveness and external capital flows in the EU countriesGabrisch, Hubert; Staehr, Karsten
2014 Energy rebound due to re-spending: A growing concernAntal, Miklós; van den Bergh, Jeroen C. J. M.
2014 Gender and migration background in intergenerational educational mobilitySchneebaum, Alyssa; Rumplmaier, Bernhard; Altzinger, Wilfried
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 30