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Roma, Júlio César
Saccaro, Nilo Luiz
Mation, Lucas Ferreira
Paulsen, Sandra Silva
Vasconcellos, Pedro Gasparinetti
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Texto para Discussão, Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada (IPEA) 1912
Abstract (Translated): 
This work was developed in accordance with the principles of the international TEEB framework and is entitled The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity in Brazil (TEEB Brazil): gap analysis. Its main goal is to foster a better understanding of the economic value of Brazil's biodiversity and ecosystem services, with the intent that these factors be considered and properly incorporated into decision-making processes and public policies. This is an objective to be achieved in the medium term, which means that TEEB-Brazil needs to be developed in stages. In this paper we present the results of a bibliographic survey of studies published in the last ten years that have calculated the value or provided evidence of the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services for the Brazilian economy. For the empirical studies identified, we analyzed their frequencies in the Brazilian biomes, the ecosystem services and economic sectors they encompassed, and the valuation methods they applied. In addition, we discuss the following topics: i) the institutional and political structure regarding conservation and management of biodiversity and ecosystem services in Brazil; ii) non-governmental initiatives focusing on the conservation of Brazil's natural capital; iii) current technical capacity related to the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity; and iv) data availability for some ecosystem services (water, carbon storage and sequestration, provision of wood and non-wood forest products). We also analyze gaps to the implementation of the TEEB-Brazil initiative and present some recommendations to overcome them.
natural capital
ecosystem services
Brazilian biomes
environmental valuation
economics of ecosystems - TEEB
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Working Paper

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