Working Paper Series: Finance and Accounting, Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M.

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2009What is the impact of stock market contagion on an investor's portfolio choice?Branger, Nicole; Kraft, Holger; Meinerding, Christoph
2009Investment, income, and incompletenessBick, Björn; Kraft, Holger; Munk, Claus
2009Does IT standardization help to boost cost and profit efficiency? Empirical evidence from German savings banksNoth, Felix; Slotty, Constantin; Hackethal, Andreas
2009Financial constraints and the decision to lease: Evidence from German SMESlotty, Constantin
2009CDOs and systematic risk: Why bond ratings are inadequateKrahnen, Jan Pieter; Wilde, Christian
2009Foundations of continuous-time recrusive utility: Differentiability and normalization of certainty equivalentsKraft, Holger; Seifried, Frank Thomas
2009Gauging risk with higher moments: Handrails in measuring and optimising conditional value at riskBugár, Gyöngyi; Maurer, Raimond H.; Vo, Huy Thanh
2009Does size matter? Economies of scale in the German mutual fund industryMauerer, Raimond; Schaefer, Alexander
2009Optimal housing, consumption, and investment decisions over the life-cycleKraft, Holger; Munk, Claus
2009Manipulation des Börsenkurses durch gezielte Informationspolitik im Rahmen von Squeeze-Outs? Eine empirische Untersuchung am deutschen KapitalmarktDaske, Holger; Bassemir, Moritz; Fischer, Felix F.
2008The effects of size on local banks' funding costsVins, Oliver; Bloch, Thomas
2008Financial locations: Frankfurt's place and perspectivesKotz, Hans-Helmut; Schmidt, Reinhard H.
2008Do we measure what we get?Kunz, Jennifer
2008The effects of bank mergers on small business lending in GermanyBloch, Thomas
2008Microfinance, commercialisation and ethicsSchmidt, Reinhard H.
2008Dissynergies of mergers among local banksBloch, Thomas
2008The quiet life hypothesis in banking: Evidence from German savings banksKoetter, Michael; Vins, Oliver
2008Risk transfer with CDOsKrahnen, Jan Pieter; Wilde, Christian
2008How politics influence state-owned banks: The case of German savings banksVins, Oliver
2008Der Einfluss von Diversifikationsstrategien auf den Aktienkurs deutscher UnternehmenRustige, Marc; Grote, Michael H.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 177