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2012 Security Agenda in a Risk Society: A Stable and Rational Policy, or Chaotic Securitization?Krulík, Oldrich; Stejskal, Libor
2012 The Financial Flows of Terrorism and Transnational CrimeHaigner, Stefan; Schneider, Friedrich; Wakolbinger, Florian
2012 Terrorism and Market JittersKollias, Christos; Papadamou, Stephanos
2012 Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist FinancingHaigner, Stefan; Schneider, Friedrich; Wakolbinger, Florian
2012 Security Economics: A Guide for Data Availability and NeedsKallandranis, Christos; Drakos, Konstantinos
2012 Counterterrorism Effectiveness: The Impact on Life and Property LossesKallandranis, Christos; Drakos, Konstantinos; Giannakopoulos, Nicholas
2012 Do Poor Economic Conditions Affect Terrorism?Berrebi, Claude; Klor, Esteban F.
2011 Terrorism Shocks and Stock Market Reaction PatternsKallandranis, Christos; Drakos, Konstantinos
2011 Counterterrorism - Does It Work?van Um, Eric; Pisoiu, Daniela
2011 Terrorism, Economic Downturns and ElectionsGardeazabal, Javier
2011 Does Security Play a Role in European Development Aid Policy?Brück, Tilman; de Groot, Olaf J.; Xu, Guo
2011 Privatization and Increasing the Role of the Public as Current Trends in Security ProvisionKrulík, Oldrich; Stejskal, Libor
2011 Counter-Terrorist Financing: A Good Policy Going too Far?Brzoska, Michael
2011 Key Enablers of the European Security Industry PerformanceSempere, Carlos Martí
2011 How Rational Is the Response of Individuals to the Threat of Terrorism in Europe?de Groot, Olaf J.; Drakos, Konstantinos; Müller, Cathérine
2011 Does Harboring Terrorists Have Economic Costs?Berrebi, Claude; Klor, Esteban F.
2011 The Role of Public Support for the Occurrence of TerrorismMaleckova, Jitka
2011 What Can Be Done to Reduce the Occurrence of Piracy in the Short and Long Run?de Groot, Olaf J.; Vothknecht, Marc
2011 Highlighting the Major Trade-Offs Concerning Anti-Terrorism Policiesde Groot, Olaf J.; Müller, Cathérine
2011 Who Bears Responsibility for the Provision of Security: The State or You?de Groot, Olaf J.; Engerer, Hella
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21