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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Combination of regional characteristics for start-up activity in SwitzerlandKronthaler, Franz; Becker, Katharina; Wagner, Kerstin
2012Taxing Pollutuion: Agglomeration and Welfare ConsequencesBerliant, Marcus; Peng, Shin-Kun; Wang, Ping
2012Regional economic assessment of Critical Infrastructure failure in the EU: A combined systems engineering and economic modelJonkeren, Olaf; Dorneanu, Bogdan; Giannopoulos, Georgios; Ward, David
2012Competitiveness Factors at National and Regional Level. A Panel Analysis for RomaniaChilian, Mihaela-Nona
2012Indicators of Services of General Interest in EU regional context: between the need to measure and the lacking of their meaningda Costa, Eduarda Marques; Palma, Pedro; Rauhut, Daniel; Humer, Alois; Constantin, Daniela; Velasco, Xabier
2012Spatial heterogeneity across housing sub-markets in an urban area of PortugalMarques, Joao Lourenço; Castro, Eduardo; Bhattacharjee, Arnab; Batista, Paulo
2012Knowledge economy policy in Polish regionsWoźniak, Dariusz; Sokołowska-Woźniak, Justyna
2012The offline landscape of an online social network: distance and size shaping community spread and activityLengyel, Balazs; Jakobi, Akos
2012Spatial conditions for development of activation of peripheral areas: the case of northern PolandSołtys, Jacek
2012The role of university-firm relations to foster regional development: evidence from Brazilian AmazonBastos, Ana Paula; Almeida, Leandro; Diniz, Marcia; Diniz, Marcelo