ERSA 2012 - 52nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Bratislava, 2012

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2012Regional Unemployment in Germany: a spatial panel data analysisLottmann, Franziska
2012The examination of the regional level entrepreneurship: The Spanish caseSzerb, László; Ortega-Argilés, Raquel; Ács, Zoltán; Coduras, Alicia
2012Decomposing the rural-urban differential in student achievement in Colombia using PISA microdataNieto, Sandra; Ramos, Raul; Duque, Juan Carlos
2012A Long-Term Evaluation of the First Generation of the French Urban Enterprise ZonesTrevien, Corentin; Givord, Pauline; Quantin, Simon
2012The offline landscape of an online social network: distance and size shaping community spread and activityLengyel, Balazs; Jakobi, Akos
2012Spatial Planning Of Peripheral Rural Regions In SerbiaMaksin, Marija; Milijic, Sasa; Krunic, Nikola
2012Employer size, productivity, labour quality, working conditions, internal labour markets and wages: an empirical analysis of the hotel industry in AndalusiaGarcía-Pozo, Alejandro; Marchante-Mera, Andrés J.; Sánchez-Ollero, José Luis; López-Rubio, José; Benavides-Chicón, Carlos G.
2012Economic Impact on Andalusian Economy of European Funds using a Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Model: 2014-2020del Carmen Delgado López, María; Flores, Manuel Alejandro Cardenete; del Carmen Lima Díaz, María
2012Is there a county border effect in spatial income differences in Hungary?Dusek, Tamas; Szalka, Eva
2012Financial Flows in the Recycling of Packaging Waste: The Case of FranceSimões, Pedro; Cruz, Nuno; Marques, Rui Cunha
2012Territorial Cooperation With Non-Eu RegionsRodriguez-Cohard, Juan Carlos; Alfonso, Javier; Vázquez-Barquero, Antonio
2012Airports Performance And Efficiency Evaluation Based On Multidimentional ToolsJardim, João Pedro; Baltazar, Maria; Silva, Jorge
2012Policy for the Support of Creative EconomyTvrdon, Jozef; Belvoncikova, Eva
2012Europe 2020 And Cohesion Policy. Implications For Transition Regions. The Case Of AndalusiaMuñoz, Francisco Yépez
2012The spatial dimension of trade- and FDI-driven productivity growth in Chinese provinces: A global cointegration approachMitze, Timo; Özyurt, Selin
2012Regional effects of curbing future deficits– alternative ways to respond to increasing municipal expendituresKinnunen, Jouko; Honkatukia, Juha; Ahokas, Juss
2012Regional economic assessment of Critical Infrastructure failure in the EU: A combined systems engineering and economic modelJonkeren, Olaf; Dorneanu, Bogdan; Giannopoulos, Georgios; Ward, David
2012Tertiarisation and globalisation of productive systems: comparative analysisMelikhova, Yulia; Ballesta, José Antonio Camacho; Holubcova, Ivana
2012The spatial distribution of fire services in Izmir, TurkeyElburz, Zeynep; Dokmeci, Vedia
2012Regional policy and the implementation of subsidiarityLóránd, Balázs
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 301