ERSA 2012 - 52nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Bratislava, 2012

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2012 On prisoner's dilemmas and gilded cages: The economics of heritage preservationAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Möller, Kristoffer; Waights, Sevrin; Wendland, Nicolai
2012 Brain Drain or Brain Gain? Graduate Migration in Old Industrial Regions - Analysis of the Central Lower Rhine Area, GermanyJaeger, Angelika; Kreutzer, Fabian
2012 The examination of the regional level entrepreneurship: The Spanish caseSzerb, László; Ortega-Argilés, Raquel; Ács, Zoltán; Coduras, Alicia
2012 Euro 2012 in Poland – facts and myths about its importance for the development of the host regions in the context of the counterfactual analysisKudełko, Joanna; Mogiła, Zbigniew; Poproch, Aleksandra
2012 Fighting persistent regional unemployment – The Paltamo Full Employment experimentHamalainen, Kari; Hamalainen, Ulla
2012 Foresight methodologies: application to the housing marketCastro, Eduardo; Marques, Joao Lourenço; Borges, Monique
2012 Bridging Firm's Innovation, Productivity and Export: An Analysis using Swedish CIS dataJienwatcharamongkhol, Viroj; Tavassoli, Mohammad Hossein
2012 When are localization and urbanization economies important?Jofre-Monseny, Jordi; Marín-López, Raquel; Viladecans-Marsal, Elisabet
2012 Spatial Perspectives of Improving Competition in LebanonHaddad, Eduardo
2012 Light Aviation And Flight Safety: Monitoring System For Unpressurised Cabins. Physiological Parameters MonitorizationZorro, Sara; Marques, Andre; Patrão, Luís; Silva, Jorge; Castelo-Branco, Miguel
2012 Heterogeneous Firms and Substitution by Tasks: the Productivity Effect of MigrantsLucht, Michael; Haas, Anette
2012 Spatial heterogeneity across housing sub-markets in an urban area of PortugalMarques, Joao Lourenço; Castro, Eduardo; Bhattacharjee, Arnab; Batista, Paulo
2012 Are the tasks of innovation intermediaries changing? Findings of an empirical study from Dunaújváros / HungaryGajzágó, Éva
2012 A nonparametric test for industrial specializationBillings, Stephen; Johnson, Erik
2012 Entrepreneurship and firms' mobilityPablo, Federico; García-Tabuenca, Antonio; Gallo, María Teresa; Santos, Juan Luis; Mancha, Tomás
2012 Portuguese digital cities and regions: an evaluationSimões, Maria João; Santos, Domingos
2012 Research on house prices, accessibility and socio-economic neighborhood attributes in southern SwedenKettinger, Zoltan; Andersson, David Emanuel
2012 The spatial and temporal patterns of declared personal income across Greece: 2001-8Prodromidis, Prodromos
2012 Forecasting and simulation of the impact of public policies on industrial districts using an agent-based modelPablo-Marti, Federico; Santos, Juan Luis; Gacía-Tabuenca, Antonio; Gallo, María Teresa; Mancha, Tomás
2012 The General Equilibrium Model of Illegal Settlements in Palangkaraya City, Indonesia:-A Numerical Simulation-Miyata, Yuzuru; Permana, Indrawan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 301